Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Three Laws of Robotics*

by special guest blogger Arwen E.
A Robo-Voter Weighs the UFT-Unity Loyalty Oath 


Why are 800 UFT-Unity minds, representing very diverse constituencies, supposed to vote according to a single set of fallible dictates?  (See UFT-Unity Loyalty Oath above.)
Why do 800 democratically chosen chapter leaders lose their democratic voice when they sign on to UFT-Unity?  Why must 800 Unity members promise to vote as they are told?  (See Loyalty Oath above.)
Why are eight-hundred highly intelligent minds beholden to loyalty oaths reminiscent of those opposed by the AFT in the 1950s?  (See Oath above.)

 How can union employment opportunities be withheld from those members who refuse to sign on to this loyalty oath?  Should they be based on merit (like ability to serve or help) or simply blind loyalty? (See your non-Unity Chapter Leaders.)
How can educators raise generations to think when they, themselves, are asked to robotically vote as told? 
How can democracy thrive when Unity representatives can lose positions, all opportunity for service or advancement, and become pariahs simply for speaking and voting their honest opinions?

There can be no honest discussions of issues when Unity members are told how to vote and potentially silenced by fear.  Honest discussion can only begin when the Loyalty Oath has been torn away from its purse strings.  If you value democracy, shred the oath and then begin to open minds to a truly free and unfettered competition of ideas. 

*With apologies to Isaac Asimov 
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