Friday, April 28, 2023

On Dropping Cope

Ever since Unity Caucus determined I was public enemy number one, I've decided paying into COPE was a bad idea. I wonder whether it was my dues or COPE that paid the lawyers who wrote me a threatening letter. In any case, if Unity sees fit to subject me to civil and/ or criminal penalties for speaking my mind, they are unfit to spend my money. I won't give them one dime beyond what I have to in order to remain a union member.

It's important to remain a union member because a. I believe in union, and b.  I now believe we can vote the bastards out, beginning with the retirees. Their decision to modify our health care in order to secure a three year contract was an abomination. The fact is, securing something that hovers around cost of living merited no givebacks whatsoever. The "very smart" people Michael Mulgrew loves to blabber about traded 600 million dollars a year, forever, to get this contract. 

So while the contract is expired, our obligation has not. And we, as rank and file, had no voice in this. I supported this contract, thinking there were no givebacks. And while Mulgrew mentioned a health care deal, he presented it as something that would prevent more copays and have no drastic effects. Instead, he's turned our retiree brothers and sisters over to the tender mercies of CVS/Aetna. It's ridiculous and unconscionable.

I presented a way for you to opt out of COPE right here, but it appears to be a two-stage process. I was sent the card above, which I've returned. However, I've declined to provide my social security number, giving them my UFT ID instead. I don't trust the lying creeps who sic their lawyers on me with my social security number. They've proven themselves to be vindictive and stupid, and I trust them as far as I can throw them. 

They also send you a letter, which I will reproduce below. There is the name of a woman you're supposed to call to discuss it. In fact I had her name and email. Before faxing my request, I emailed her and she didn't bother replying. However, I will certainly call and ask her why I should contribute extra money to people who threaten me with lawyers for exercising my First Amendment right to parody our Great Leader Michael Mulgrew.  (Note--I've called twice and gotten a message that no one is there. Maybe they're tired of hearing from us lowly workers.)

A co-worker of mine swears he sent the fax four weeks ago and hasn't heard from anyone. He suggests I'm getting special treatment. I guess I am, what with them threatening to sue me and all.

Don't trust them. Don't give them an inch. And don't give them one cent more than you need to.




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