Monday, April 11, 2022

UFT Executive Board April 11, 2022--We Support Amazon and Starbucks Unions

Michael Mulgrew-Welcomes us. Speaks of HS and Middle School events. Budget--We did well due to union lobbying. Had 475 million increase, CFE fully funded, 18 years after fact. Mental health services, 100 million for recovery. Teacher center 14.9 million to 24. United Community Schools 450K. Child Care--200 to 300% poverty level and market rate moved. Will help providers. 2.5 million to establish nurses.

Tier 6--Thanks trustees. Asked for analysis of tier 4, passed in 1983. First year we got it reformed was 1998. 2012 tier 6 passed at night, 11:45. 2022 have already started reform. We already had 11K members leave system under this tier. Working to 63 will not work. We have started the conversation with AFL-CIO. Have vesting moved from ten to five years. For this year, pension contributions based on 2020. Last year we had all sorts of extra money being paid to extra titles, won many operational complaints. None of money rewarded was counted toward pension contributions. We have just started the journey to fix this. Never had so many leave in first ten years of tier. Thanks all who helped. 

Please enjoy break. We know it's been a very tough year. Was at school where teacher was shot and killed this AM. We're down 2,000 agents. Last year they wouldn't hire. Now we can't get the right number in schools. We need to get people home safely. Thank you for your leadership. We will get through this year in best way possible.

LeRoy Barr--Minutes--Passed. Ballots are out. People are receiving them. Please spread work. Should be in gold envelope. Tell people to look for envelope. We want high turnout. Due by May 9, but we don't want to wait until then. Next DA Wednesday. Special order of business to support union. Also for election complaints.

 Reports from Districts--

Rich Mantel--Saturday was Middle School Conference in person. Nice turnout, good to see people together. May 14h 5K to raise money for Ukraine.

Anthony Harmon--Black and Puerto Rican caucus, award for Janella Hinds. United Community Schools people did great job.

Janella Hinds--Thanks Anthony Harmon for chairing labor luncheon. Friday was Academic HS Awards. Was amazing to have people here again. Celebrating 2021 and 2022 winners. Thanks all who joined. 

Joe Eusatch--Schanker scholarship acceptances will go out Monday. Thanks trustees for increasing income threshold. 

Resolution to support Amazon and Starbucks unions

Arthur Goldstein--We all know union leads to a middle class for many. We also know union can be a great equalizer, which was why MLK was so devoted to it. We know it to be a force against racism, bigotry, and discrimination. Now, when we sorely need it, we have some remarkable movement toward unionization at Amazon and Starbucks. It behooves us to support our brother and sister unionists in every way we possibly can. Everything about union makes everything in our country better. I urge you to support this resolution. 

Janella Hinds--We just celebrated our own 62nd anniversary. Our movement needs these young people at Starbucks and Amazon. Please support.

Amy Arundell--This weekend Chris Smalls, Amazon Union Pres. spoke at caucus. We will miss an opportunity if we don't support these people, facing things like job loss. This brings us back to our roots.

Passes unanimously

Election Complaint-- alleges improper use of union resources, Under supervision of UFT election committee, UFT conducts elections for offices. 2022 committee has members of both caucuses. Members submitted complaints.

Recommends respectfully complaint be upheld, and that UFC caucus cease campaign activity on employer paid time, should remove member phone numbers from texting lists, and for those which they don't have permission.

Sent campaign materials to people who have not subscribed to UFC mailing lists. Says it's comprised of list from MORE caucus and activist group. UFT members can unsubscribe. Remains unclear how they got on lists, but there is not indication of violation of state laws.

Teacher says she got call in classroom during class time. Clear violation to campaign on employer paid time using employer resources, but were using DOE phone. UFC rep may not have known, but when secretary answered, call should have ended. Should not have happened during class time, and UFC should cease and desist.

UFC text campaign sent info to members who have not subscribed. Allegedly sent to member who has never provided her cell number. UFC says its list is MORE and other list. Unclear how member's cell phone got on list. Accordingly, campaign messages may violate telephone consumer protection act, UFC should remove numbers for which they don't have consent.

UFC used DOE emails to solicit information. Sent from DOE address to other teacher's address. Asks members to send info to her personal email so she can provide info. Running for exec. board. Seems to be aware of this, utilized employer resources. Attempts to reach teacher found her unavailable. Violation of NMRDA.

UFC uses UFT email group to use campaign activity. Used UFT google group to seek inexpensive copying. Improper use of union resources. Allegation should be upheld.

Mike Sill--Having heard report and recommendations, take motion on acceptance of report. 

Passes unanimously. 

We are adjourned 6:35.

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