Monday, January 24, 2022

UFT Executive Board January 24, 2021--Queens UFT Chapter Scores Victory Against Abusive Principal

UFT Secretary LeRoy Barr--Welcomes us. 


Reports from Districts--Rashad Brown--Every Thursday coming up is Black History film series. Slavery and Suffering this Thursday at 4 PM on Zoom. HS students may attend.

Mike Schirtzer--PS 186 UFT members won arbitration, cease and desist against principal for targeting union, very appreciative of Queens office and Amy Arundell. 

Wendy W. Wilson--African Heritage Committee Awards Dinner Dance February 4th. Tickets available.

 UFT President Michael Mulgrew--Thanks Karen Alford, Alison Gendar and others for vax clinic in Corona last Saturday. 

Covid continuing downward, will see where it goes. Monday always low. Tuesday and Wed. goes up a little bit. So far appears half of early January.

Remote learning--having conversations with DOE. Attendance going up as wave goes down. If people want to volunteer to do this work as an activity, we may have something done on that basis. Would be posting, not mandated. We want our students in school. Members doing phenomenal work, targeting deficiencies. First and second graders, writing, literacy, math deficiencies, but members are facing challenge.

Albany--We can't go in person, though they insist on school being in person. We have many meetings set up, coordinating with NYSUT. Some things we don't like, and some opportunities to move things. Will move quickly, and primary still scheduled for June. Will not have last month of legislative session, so lots of things in budget. Case in Queens was phenomenal work. 

Had first consultation with new chancellor today. Queens case came up. We understand what cease and desist means, and DOE seems to take it seriously. Was decent consultation, but lots of work to be done.

Negotiating committee--Will be open for some time, but we will shut it down soon. Lots of things on table.

Wishes us good evening and rest of week. 6:14

Barr--You heard about all the people who testified in Queens. 

David Campbell--Was some case. Went back long way. 9 hearings, and many testified. Very rare to have big union animus class like this. In past was about one person, but in this case was about entire chapter. Not much evidence of direct retaliation as of Step Two, everything after was not allowed to be brought up. Were not many LIF, or people claiming evaluations affected. Principal actions and directions to staff tried to discourage union involvement.

Queens office showed reactions from principal directly after people went to union. Showed her disdain, and it made people question union. She said union info was wrong. One incident was when there was union meeting. Someone from central came and said one sign of going after union was when principal collected lesson plans. Principal did so directly after that, which was a direct action that persuaded arbitrator. Don't have a whole lot of union animus decision. Great job by Michael Heron. 

NYC Teacher Retirement re-election--Tom Brown--Supports resolution to nominate Deborah Penny to retirement board. Respected trustee, fiduciary, advocate for our pensions. Chair of TRS Board, serves on multiple committees, presented on panels. Liason to RTC. Impressed by dedication and compassion. Pensions stronger and safer with her. Ask you to pass resolution and nominate her. 

Resolution passes. We are adjourned 6:21

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