Tuesday, November 09, 2021

If Adams Wants to End Mask Mandates, He Must First Mandate Vaccines for Students

Every time Eric Adams opens his mouth, I'm more persuaded what this city needs most is, well, not Eric Adams. The other day he said he wanted to get rid of the mask mandate, but would "follow the science." I'm not sure which science he's talking about, or where it will lead him, but there happens to be a very effective vaccine available for anyone 5 years or older.

The very first step I'd take as mayor would be to mandate vaccines for absolutely everyone attending public schools. We've already done that for staff. I think, though, that both the current mayor and Adams are fraidy-scared to say students need to get vaccinated. After all, there's a big kerfuffle on the internet about Big Bird, who tweeted that he was vaccinated.

Immediately Texas Troglodyte Ted Cruz got very vocal about how Big Bird was a socialist, or antifa, or CRT, or whatever it is Ted is calling people who don't support him this week. There is a big anti-vax movement out there, stoked largely by people like Tucker Carlson, who's surely vaccinated himself. After all he's surely vaccinated. To work at Fox, you have to either be vaccinated or get tested daily

But honestly, there are a whole lot of people angry about vaccinations. Now that is remarkable. We can argue about taxes. We can argue about which candidates are better. We can argue about whether programs are beneficial, and over whom is worthy of benefit. In the United States today, though, we're arguing about health. And make no mistake, while you'll hear arguments about personal freedom, one more outlandish than the next, what we're actually debating is health. One side is for it, and the other is against.

The state of politics in the United States is beyond abysmal. You might think, living in New York City, that we're somehow above it all. But we aren't. If you don't believe it, consider this: We elected Rudolph Giuliani mayor twice, Michael Bloomberg three times (although, in fairness, he bought the third one), and now we've elected Eric Adams once.

Adams was a police captain, but he's afraid to take on the anti-science, anti-health crowd that will rise up against him if he demands children be vaccinated. Instead, he's making noise about how he wants to unmask students. Honestly, if he takes that step before mandating vaccinations, he's a fool. 

That's not to say masking is perfect. Every day I see students walking around my building with masks pulled down below their noses and mouths. There are no consequences for these students. I know, because I wrote a few up, and days and weeks later I still see them walking around unmasked like they own the world. This notwithstanding, most of our students follow the mandate, and we're all safer for it.  

Does former police captain Eric Adams have the intestinal fortitude to do what's needed to back up his words? I very much doubt it. 

But I'll be more than happy if he proves me wrong.

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