Monday, May 17, 2021

UFT Executive Board May 17, 2021--On Openings, Planning, and Lack Thereof

UFT Secretary LeRoy Barr--Welcomes us. Minutes passed. 

UFT President Michael Mulgrew--Thanks everyone for Spring Conference. Just finished City Council reception. Five point plan well received. It's what kids need. Will be interesting doing city budget with primary in between. Many people will look at it to see how it affects the race, and will probably be done afterward.

Trying to get straight answer from DOE in terms of TDA contribution model. Hope to have definitive answer next week. 

City doesn't understand we cannot agree to saying next year everyone has six hours and fifty minutes. Hopefully they will see SBOs as way to resolve. Headed to city hall to figure out. NYT says mayor has to decide now and not wait until August.

Two days in June--DOE says only if it's necessary for someone to be in the building, clerical or PD day, should they have to come in. DOE will put out something in writing. 

We're pushing on reduction of class size. Working on 100 schools right now and there will be a campaign starting Monday. We are at over 99% with new members joining union. Sent them info and majority signed up just through that. 

Told DOE we fully expect system open. Will probably have to make modifications based on what CDC says. Want full grievance and arbitration.

Health care--assurances all hospitals are covered under any new plan, but I need it in writing. Until we get that, we have nothing to talk about.

CL elections--Information has gone out. We hope it's done correctly at school level. Have trained teams. Should be an election committee in each school. We want things done fairly so we can move forward.

Next week we'll get college and career counselors trained to help graduating seniors. Everyone is starting to recognize people have had problems over pandemic. We knew that already.

School Construction Authority hearing--We will use this to push seats in certain areas. 

Questions/ answers

Anything in contract cannot be reconfigured,. We can't change it, but individual school can change it via SBO.

Updates on 683?  Postings are out. Only area we agree upon some remote. Waiting to see about process and which teachers do what.  

Anthony Harmon--CL weekend session this saturday 11-12:30. 

Mulgrew wishes us a good week. 6:29

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