Monday, February 22, 2021

UFT Executive Board February 22, 2021--Shortest Meeting Ever

UFT Secretary LeRoy Barr--Minutes approved. 2nd Mayoral town hall tomorrow. Sign up to participate. Black History piece Thursday.

Rashad Brown--4-6:30 Black History Film Series, Stay Woke and LA 92. Next week will be panel.

Sterling Roberson--February 26, CTE Awards. Register to participate.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew--Hopes everyone had good break. Middle schools opening. Buildings are being checked, but eyes and ears will be building response teams. We will set up hotline, monitor testing. Schools should be asynchronous first day. Around 70% have opted out. We will see where that goes. 

Children are getting Covid. As we get vaccinated, we'll see what that means. What will school look like in September? What are social distancing rules? We will have to start process. Majority of adults will be vaccinated but children can get it too and bring it to their families. 

85% of people who've come to us have gotten a match. Last week no one got deliveries. All Pfizer delivered today, and Moderna will be delivered tomorrow. We will use schools and Advantage Care sites, and will have new locations. Positivity rates continue to go down. Vaccine is having an effect where there've been many vaccines.

This week we will finalize an evaluation system. Most people are in right frame of mind, except some in DOE. We don't want DOE central designing crazy systems. We need to keep schools running this year. They haven't been and won't be helpful. But we will deal with this.

Last week SED put out guidance that testing could not be mandated. We immediately shot back. Someone was running an agenda and made a mistake. May have to do with sports programs. Some parents want their kids in sports but not tested. We pushed back and got that rectified. 

Anthony Harmon and team surpassed 250K goal for We Feed NY. We appreciate that.

CTE is this Friday. We will move forward as best we can. 

We have to deal with plan on what is coming at is in terms of educational crisis, academic regression--there's a lot of damage. I expect no one at city to do anything real. Reaching out to partners to put something together. We can't let schools be hit with this.

CL election year--We are working on technology to make that happen. 

Best news is package at DC looks clear, like it will go through. We may be in a place where we don't have to worry about lost jobs, will have funding for things we need.


Q--Any news on high schools?

A--Starting process, surveying principals. Not sure yet. They're quite a ways off. We have to see how testing goes. They need to ramp up testing. They have money.  There are billions in federal cash to open up during Covid. We will have to run numbers and see how many testing teams we need. We are running out of capacity for people to lead teams. They will start planning, but it seems quite a ways off. 

Q--Spring break, retirement incentive?

A--We've started to slowly open up arbitration. If we can open up more, first will be spring break. Incentive seems to be moving fairly well right now. It's Alabany, and there is a process.

Q--Members who stayed home and thought they had Covid. Could they have days reinstated?

A--Will have M. Sill handle this issue.

We are adjourned. 6:18

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