Sunday, November 01, 2020

Change Your Clocks Today and Your President on Tuesday

 Just a brief reminder that Donald Trump is on the ballot this year. While a thousand Americans die daily from COVID, the worst disaster in my living memory, there's still no national program or mask mandate. While Trump lies that he'll protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, a concept most developed countries don't face, the SCOTUS he packed eight days before the election is ready to kill Obamacare, the only actual protection there is.

If you're union, remember it was Trump's court that passed Janus, and remember that those who hate us and everything we stand for aren't finished. Remember the only reason we have rights at work is union.

Remember his choice for Secretary or Education hates public education and will do anything in her power to end it, solely to create profit for her BFFs. Remember that they want to open schools all over the country and don't give a golly gosh darn what the COVID rates are.

Remember they're trying to eliminate votes every way they can, so that We, the People do not prevail.

Remember all the young children separated from their parents, and remember he's dumping them all in Mexico, no matter where they come from.

Remember people of color being murdered on the streets, and remember that Trump stands with the people doing the killing.

Remember the inclination of religious zealots to deny rights based on sexual orientation. 

Remember the fine people on both sides of the nazi rally. 

Remember the relentless attacks on the media as "fake news" because they dare tell the truth about this would-be dictator, and remember his public admiration for actual dictators.

Remember a woman's right to choose, in deep peril because of Trump's SCOTUS

Remember that this President is a self-centered, self-serving, malignant narcissist who couldn't care less whether or not you and your family drop dead of COVID.

Don't forget to vote.

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