Monday, September 21, 2020

UFT Executive Board September 21, 2020--Mary Vaccaro Becomes UFT Education VP--First Day Back for Young Students


Roll call 5:50


UFT Secretary LeRoy Barr--Thanks us for voting. Says there is a vacancy in Educational Vice President. Taking nominations tonight. 

Karen Alford--nominates Mary Vaccaro.  Mary is an impressive woman, would be phenomenal in this seat. Has taught in many places in many levels, is knowledgeable, has directed curriculum, taken DOE on and made sure teaching and learning was part of negotiation for reopening. Certain this is the right thing to do and she is the person to fill these shoes. Honor and privilege to nominate her.

Barr--Asks for other nominations.. As chair, casts one vote for only nominee.

Marry Vaccaro--Honor to rep UFT as VP of education, thanks Karen. Moving to follow in footsteps of women who've held this position. We want to make sure that DOE has great education policy. Look forward to working with you all.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew--Moment of silence for Edie Shanker, widow of Al. Passed yesterday. 

Moment of silence for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, someone who constantly strived to make our country a better place. 

National--clear that everything is about the nomination. We believe this nomination will be pushed through. Election clearly most important thing. Senate stimulus package was tuition tax credits for private schools. We know how much is at stake in November and we and our retirees are ready to stand tall.

Our focus has to be getting our schools up and going. Six months and six days since we had in person learning, wants to thank d75 staff, early childhood all teachers who were there today. First time I felt everyone DOE, UFT and CSA were on same page. Really was good day in terms of what we were able to accomplish.

We understand people are anxious and apprehensive. We worry about children being traumatized and adults are too. Thanks teachers and paraprofessionals who welcomed kids today. Remote learning started, chancellor will get out statement saying video and pictures cannot be taken.

Spoke with Google, Zoom and MS about increasing capacity. Worked out well, Thanks teacher center and Evelyn's team for support. We did a lot of good work, and we are starting to move. We will have issues on remote and platforms. Will keep close eye and amplify best practices.

About to finalize MOU with city. Will put existing agreements into one document. When finalized will get out to all. Operational complaints should stop about people teaching live and remote. Chancellor doesn't want classes live streamed, will say so.

We are hiring. Went from firing to hiring. Big change.. Went from 9K layoffs to hiring. In other parts of state teachers are being laid off. We will probably hire MS and HS 6 to 7,000. 2K will be redeployed so probably hiring 5K.

Next Tuesday we need to have same preparedness we had today. Parents apprehensive. Attendance was somewhere around 60%. More parents may opt students out. Believe it will be over 50%. If things go well more may report in.

Looking carefully at infection rate. 

We will meet next Tuesday as Monday is holiday. Concerned in case we can't fill all positions. Principals told first priority teacher in live classroom, second remote, third blended. 

Thanks staff and teachers for opening. D75 went in using shields at all times. We are doing all we possibly can to make sure everyone is safe.


How long are elementary children expected to sit? Not long. There is guidance in scheduling. We never discussed children sitting more than a half hour. 

Karen Alford--3K 15-20 minutes up to 30 PreK 20-30 up to 60. Limited screen time for those age groups.

Safety for book sharing--Make sure to wipe everything down.

Custodians are being held accountable for sanitizing. Got overtime and restored funding.

If people get medical accommodations schools must readjust. 

UFT staff accommodations same as for all members. Following same protocols as schools.

Schools with clinics--clinics don't start until 9. They have to be available when students come in.

Congratulates Mary Vaccaro. 6:26

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