Friday, April 03, 2020

Save the Rich, Screw the Kids, Screw the Teachers, Says NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

That's what Bill de Blasio decided a few weeks back. Rich people were important, but a million kids and a hundred thousand UFT members could all drop dead as far as he was concerned. Alas, Bill de Blasio does not learn from his mistakes, and tonight he's told 1.1 million kids, UFT and CSA, already working ourselves dizzy,  that we can all go to hell.

Passover? Too bad for you, says Bill De Blasio. Holy Thursday? Forget it. Good Friday? It's the same as the Bad Easter Break Cuomo confiscated last week. What do NYC kids get for this? Nothing whatsoever. What do UFT members get? Four days in their CAR, to use or not as they see fit.

For Bill de Blasio, taking seven days and giving back four seems like a fair deal. Now I don't like to brag, but I happen to be a high school graduate. While I don't particularly pride myself on my math skills, last time I looked, four does not quite equal seven. While Bill de Blasio appears to have mastered Common Core math, it's outrageous that he pretends to be progressive and has nothing but contempt for working people already under incredible pressure.

The United Federation of Teachers will be taking his scraggly hypocritical ass to court if he doesn't pay our due. He gets a little time to wait for that. However, he won't fare very well in the court of public opinion, open even as we speak. He's the one who hemmed and hawed and left a million children in filthy, neglected overcrowded schools, and crumbling trailers way past their due date.

Here's what I know about Bill de Blasio--he prides himself on his pre-K programs, but even as he worked on them, he neglected the public schools to a point I found incredible. In fact, under Bloomberg the enrollment in my school had gone down by 10-15%. We had an agreement with the DOE. When he became mayor, our deal fell apart and our enrollment went right back where it was.

I sat on the UFT negotiating committee where one of de Blasio's thugs told me flat out that they couldn't care less about class sizes. How does a mayor who claims to care about children allow his subordinates to spout such things? He left Bloomberg's people in place and left us a hostile DOE.

Bill de Blasio has not got the remotest notion what we are doing remotely. We had to redo our entire profession in a matter of days. I'm still feeling my way around, and I've got more experience than most. At a time of enormous stress for us, after Cuomo ripped a week away from students and teachers, de Blasio decided to make things even worse.

I'm Bill de Blasio and I can do what I want. That's a pretty juvenile attitude. I would not have survived as a teacher if I took such an approach. I listen to kids. I show them respect. I let them know they're important. Bill de Blasio just told 1.1 million students that he couldn't care less about them.

Someone told me today that de Blasio was the worst mayor ever. I said that Giuliani and Bloomberg would give him a run for his money. I take that back. He's giving them a run for their money, all while pretending to be a champion for the people.

I have never seen such abject indifference to public schoolchildren, not even from Michael Bloomberg. There is no defense for Bill de Blasio.

It's no wonder that failed mayor Bill de Blasio, desperate for attention, decided to spend half of last year out of state in a vain effort for recognition. My dog wasn't even running, and still managed to achieve primary numbers equal to de Blasio's. The mayor is term-limited, and he has nowhere to go but down. Maybe he'll have to get a real job, without chauffeurs to drive him to gala luncheons. He's as aimless and incoherent as Donald J. Trump.

I hope to see him making copies at Kinko's next year.
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