Saturday, February 15, 2020

My Misogynist Anti-labor Megalomaniacal Racist Is Better Than Yours

That's about the level of discourse I see on Facebook. When I post things about Bloomberg, like his classic quote:

If the UFT wants it, it ain't good.

I get responses like, "Oh my God, You're a Trump supporter." Absolutely not. I'm disgusted by Donald Trump, and everything he stands for. In fact I don't believe Donald Trump stands for anything but Donald Trump. Everything else is a matter of convenience.

I don't believe Donald Trump has any moral center whatsoever. Say anything. Say you'll protect so-called pre-existing condition coverage, then try to destroy it dozens of times. Say you've got a plan to get great coverage for everyone, and then propose the law of the jungle. Every animal for itself. Say Mexico will pay for the wall, to massive applause. Post juvenile insults about your opponents. Rile up the forgotten masses.

Michael Bloomberg reminds me of no one more than Donald Trump. Disgusting remarks about women, virulently anti-union, opposing minimum wage right up until this year's grasp for the presidency, and a philosophy that it's my way or the highway. Every UFT member lived through 12 years of his nonsense, and remembers he defied the twice-voiced will of the people for term limits. Donald Trump talks about extending his term beyond legal limits, but Mike Bloomberg actually got it done.

This is a pattern with Bloomberg. Giuliani spoke of mayoral control, but was always preoccupied, suing for the right to bring his mistress into the home he shared with his wife and young children, or over some elephant dung piece of art, or whatever. He lacked the wherewithal to lay a glove on the UFT. Bloomberg netted us the disastrous 2005 contract, and closed schools all over the city. He'd place five academies full of newbies in each one, with no one who could adequately carry the union banner, absolutely by design.

Of course, Bloomberg had his weak moments, pouncing on ridiculous notions, imagining anything that came into his rock of a head must be gold. He made Cathie Black chancellor of NYC schools, even though she had no knowledge whatsoever of public schools. Trump named clueless Betsy DeVos, and the only distinguishing differences are that DeVos has A. more money than Black, and B. a lot of experience investing it in reforminess, causing wanton destruction to education in her home state of Michigan. She's been ineffectual nationally, being a preposterous figure. Bloomberg would do better than Trump. He would "get it done," much as he did in NYC.

Like Donald Trump, Bloomberg has been a Republican and a Democrat. Whatever it takes to get what you want. It's not like the basic principles of either party mean anything to either demagogue. Say anything, commit to whatever, as long as it gets you elected. When Bloomberg ran for mayor the GOP slot was open, and this year he sees opportunity as a Democrat. There are always more options for the morally bankrupt.

I'm sorry if you feel my absolute refusal to vote for subhuman bigoted overprivileged galoots guarantees the reelection of Donald Trump. What America needs, what America cries out for, is a leader who cares about a middle class, who supports labor, who will allow us to get our share of the pie. A Trump-Bloomberg races not only guarantees none of the above, but further guarantees a second term of Trump. No one on earth, aside from Michael Bloomberg, is passionate about his election.

Sure he's got his army of whores, not the least of which is the DNC, which sold out for a piddling 800K. I just read about a mayor he gave 4 million. I guess they DNC should've held out for more, but they're substandard negotiating skills are likely as not one more reason Trump is President.

You want to get rid of Trump, DNC, and people watching the super-slick lie-fests that are Bloomberg commercials? Give us a candidate America can vote for. Give us a candidate that will get the four million Obama voters who stayed home for Hillary a reason to get their asses off their couches and into voting booths. Give them reasons to check their registration before GOP pulls them off the voter rolls.

Is that too much to ask? If it is, frankly, there's no longer any reason for the Democratic party to exist.
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