Monday, February 03, 2020

Green Eggs and Billionaires

I do not like this Bloomberg guy,
I do not like to hear him lie.
I heard him say he fixed the schools,
I think he takes us all for fools.

I heard he bought the DNC.
So that in the debates he'd be,
I read that so he'd get his way,
He paid them just 300K.

From city teachers he'll get jeers,
That bastard tortured us for years,
He moved the kids and closed the schools,
A shell game, taking us for fools.

Term limits, said the voters, hey,
They said it twice, he said no way,
With cash he bought an extra term,
When will the voters ever learn?

On TV he'll shout and cry, 
Until the White House he can buy,
Will two terms even be enough?
They weren't last time. He plays rough.

He knows best what you should wear,
How you should eat and comb your hear,
Do you want to take the risk
That you're the one he'll stop and frisk?

He hates union, teachers too,
If he's elected, guess who's screwed?
His attitudes, they never vary,
Eva's his ed. secretary.

His reign will not be any fun,
Cause Mike Bloomberg will get it done.
You'll have 70 in your class,
That's if he doesn't can your ass.

This Bloomberg guy, now he's no fool,
His kids were in no charter school,
Some people say that life's not fair,
It is if you're a billionaire.

I won't vote for that Bloomberg guy.
I've had enough of all his lies,
Not in a boat, not with a goat,
Not here or there, not anywhere.

I hope he falls on his fat rump,
I won't be choosing him or Trump,
If that's the choice, I'll go whole hog,
I'll vote and campaign for my dog.

Dogs are trusty, loyal too,
And working people they won't screw,
So tell your neighbor, tell your honey,
Mike must lose in 2020.
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