Monday, January 27, 2020

UFT Executive Board January 27, 2020--Ready to Picket with UFT Nurses?

6 PM—Secretary LeRoy Barr welcomes us.

No speakers.


President and most officers at legislative reception upstate.

—Visiting Nurse Service having a tough contract negotiation. Not much movement. When their contract expires, Feb. 1, they are on strike. If that happens, we will be out there with them. We will bring pressure to bear on VNS with 200K members. There is anti-union sentiment at the table. We may reach out to all members for support.

Political action teams meeting this weekend. Placing people on ground for census, building coalitions. City placing millions into this. Could bring billions into state and city. Training people how to engage and fund, roads, schools.

2/7 CTE awards, 5 PM. Asks for participation. That night African Heritage Dinner Dance at Anton’s. 2/13—Film Back to Natural, Black History Month. Companion books will be distributed that day. Will be discussion on content and importance. 2/27 film College Behind Bars.

Working with member committee on things we can do, and one idea is social justice curriculum fair. Working with teacher center. Will be 2/29. Will share different curriculums, LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, Native American issues. Will engage on how to teach and build lesson plans. 9-1 PM.

March 15—HerStory Brunch.

Albert Shanker scholarship fund—New deadline 2/14.

NYSUT taking tour around state to raise awareness about state aid funding. Visited NYC Friday.

Lobby Day March 16, also UFT anniversary.


Dolores Lozuponi
—What hospitals would nurse strike effect?

Janella Hinds
—This is people who need ongoing care at home after hospital. Critically important to keep patients from going back to hospital.

Barr—Pickets would be at HQ. We will make this uncomfortable for them. We want members treated fairly.

Reports from Districts

Shelvy Young-Abrams
—March 14 is para luncheon. Please encourage people to come.

Seung Lee—2020 AFL-CIO Human Rights Conference last weekend. Was excellent. Participated in Women’s March. Large contingent from NY Library will work with census

Wendy Walker Wilson—Honoring one of our own, Anthony Harmon founded event. We want to honor him for role in African Heritage Committee. Marcella Jones to be honored. Her students attached statements of support. Helped them avoid dropping out, some are Alvin Ailey dancers. Want to surpass attendance of last year.

Rashad Brown—Friday last week Pride committee had happy hour at Stonewall. This Friday having one in Brooklyn. Hope to see you there.

Seung Lee
—District 2 has Lunar New Year banquet March 6, 6 PM. Also Stonewall event was very successful.

Legislative Report—Angel Vasquez—Annual legislative reception in Albany today to stress priorities, work w NYSUT. Governor released budget Jan 21, we need more than what he proposes, we need to meet CFE goals.

Regents received update on timeline for Blue Ribbon Commission on graduation. NYC—Bronx next month, SI March.

This Saturday 200 UFT members will go on retreat to learn how to do field campaign on Census, and how to run for office.

NYSUT RA resolution PE requirements

Mike Sill—Supports PE requirement. We need PE now more than ever.


UFT 60th anniversary

Mike Sill—We need to celebrate founders of union, giants on whose shoulders we are lucky to stand.

George Altomari—History is important. You need to know how you got there. In 1960, March 16, there was absolute disunity. There were three orgs that were active. Wanted unity but wanted other groups to join theirs. HS and JHS at odds. We pushed for unity.
David Selden was a great organizer. Educated a lot of us. America was radical on one hand, but ordinary folks in factories on the other. We had to do everything possible for unity. Evening HS teachers resigned in protest. We helped them fight. Unity and solidarity started.

Barr—Every time I hear these stories I hear something different. Thank you George.


We are adjourned 6:39.
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