Monday, January 06, 2020

The Surreal McCoy

I've now tried dozens of times to take the sexual harassment survey mandated by my employer, the NYC Department of Education. To the left is the message I invariably get, if indeed I get any at all.

I happen to have copied it, because on my third or fourth complaint to DOE, they asked for a screenshot. I was lucky when I obliged them, as this popped up. Sometimes nothing pops up.

Here's what I want to know--how many times can you try in good faith to fulfill their requirement before you give up? How much time do I have to waste trying to log on to the same thing I did last year before I can get back to, you know, preparing to teach? I'm also chapter leader, and with 300 members that job keeps me hopping too. Why should I spend one more moment wasting my time with the incompetent boobs who fail to make their mandates possible to follow?

I'm home today with a medical appointment. On the positive side, that means I don't have to waste time with this nonsense. You can only access it when on DOE wifi. Except I can't do that either.

Last year, an AP gave me another link, one that worked. I have no idea where he found it, but the DOE has yet to provide me with an alternate link. I have people in my building asking me what will happen if they don't do it. Given I've got a little over a month to complete this task, I suppose I'll be able to let them know.

However, I'm making this public declaration today. When they come to put a letter in my file, I'll show it. Honestly, isn't there some point at which you just give up and call it a day?

I'll keep trying, maybe once a week. Maybe during Regents week I'll give an extra few efforts. However, the ineptitude on the part of the DOE is simply staggering. It's surreal that the people who designed and enabled this nonsense supervise teachers. It's more than that.

It's the surreal McCoy.
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