Thursday, December 19, 2019

Today in Obvious News--DOE Full of Imbeciles

This morning I'm thinking a lot about a colleague of mine, sitting in a rubber room or whatever they call the reassignment centers this year, who doesn't deserve to be there. I know exactly the sort of thing that probably happened, though the geniuses in Tweed haven't seen fit to tell my friend. It's always better, evidently, to let teachers rot in limbo than to give them a chance to address the charges. In fact, up until now there aren't any, and there may never be any.

The DOE can always say, "Oopzie, we're sorry we let you sit around for months while we sat around and tried to figure what you were doing there." I know people who've gotten that message. Sat around twiddling their thumbs for a month or two, only to be sent back with no actual message of why they were there in the first place. And they don't, in fact, say they're sorry. Being incompetent and irresponsible means never having to say you're sorry.

It's funny, because I know of outrages that occurred that were and are well known by all and never addressed by any. Why doesn't the DOE know? Well, they aren't here, for one thing. They're over at air-conditioned, heated offices at Tweed standing around on their pedestals, spouting directives for lowly teachers to follow. This morning, like every morning, I tried and failed to get on to the sexual harassment webinar. Whose fault will it be when I fail to complete it by February? Mine, of course.

The ineptitude is staggering, Last year, when I tried to take it, some administrator or other gave me an alternate link that turned out to work. It wasn't the one I got through my DOE email. That one never worked. Hey, if you can't get through, go ahead and send them an email. They're really good about sending you automatic responses that don't mean or say anything.

And that's about the level of service you can expect from people who remove teachers for no good reason and haven't got a clue about real outrages that occur. They're totally indifferent to the pain they cause people as they sit there, blissfully ignorant of what's actually going on. Talk to teachers and you'll hear it all. Of course, they can't be lowered to that level. That would mean leaving their offices and going outside. As anyone can tell you, it's pretty unpleasant out there today. Why not just walk out your door, get into your chauffeured car, and get driven right to Tweed instead?

The only real benefit for me is time left over to write the odd blog. I've been doing one almost every morning this week after failing to get on to the sexual harassment survey. Fortunately, I've not been harassed lately, and the only person I've harassed has been my dog, who I force to go outside no matter how miserable the weather is. This morning, I'd argue it was he harassing me, insisting we walk another block even though it was frigid and miserable. I bought him this coat that looks like mine and he seems ready for anything.

I'm not. The DOE should either figure out its ass from its elbow or send all the UFT prisoners of war home now. There's no justification for these inept, vindictive losers collecting their overly-inflated salaries for ruining the lives of innocent people. If they want to do that, they should just get jobs in the Trump administration and be done with it. 
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