Monday, November 18, 2019

UFT Executive Board November 18, 2019--UFT Celebrates Supporting Members. DOE Moving Backward

Secretary LeRoy Barr welcomes us.


Barr—Shows photos of honorees—Carmen. Alvarez, Robert Astrowsky, Frank Caruccu, Leo Hoenig, Sandra March, and Shelvy Young-Abrams.

DA Wednesday, LGBTQ dinner Thursday for money for Danny Dromm scholarship fund. November 23rd Queens parent conference, same day middle school Thanksgiving Drive at 52, giving away coats and hats. Next EB 12/2.


Arthur Goldstein—We now have a cooperative chancellor. He’s spoken with us and I’ve seen him at a number of different events. He’s appeared publicly with the President on numerous occasions, notably in the video where he and the President encouraged healthy cooperation between UFT and DOE.

Yet we now have something called an Instructional Leadership Team. This team duplicates many of the responsibilities of the contractually mandated PD committee, yet the principal can determine the membership with no input or consultation with the chapter. Also they get $20-30,000 to fund this team, in contrast with nothing for the PD committee. I also sit on a School Leadership Team, where not only UFT, but the entire community was ignored. We are UFT. Do we or do we not have a voice in the work we do?

Can someone please explain to the mayor and chancellor that this seems much more a Joel Klein thing than a Richard Carranza thing, and further ask them to clarify the notion of cooperation for principals who view UFT chapters as an inconvenience to be avoided rather than a partner with whom to work toward a common goal?

—We will make sure we are part of this group. We need to push to make sure we have the PD committees in place in schools and districts. That’s where we have voice in what happens at school-based level. We are definitely going to push to see our voice is heard. We have a better relationship with chancellor. Some beneath him are not as good.

Reports from districts

Sterling Roberson—Saturday and Manhattan Art and Design, was drawathon, a day of gathering in the arts. We had all levels of schools represented. Was a great event, and thanks everyone.

Rich Mantel
—This Saturday is middle school Thanksgiving event, clothing drive for students with temporary housing. We give them food and clothing. Anything you can give is appreciated. Link on UFT website. Gloves, a hat, anything. 150 coats from district 26. Please help.

Mike Schirtzer—D15 middle schools have integration plan. Was a lot of worry, but no one left. Has been very successful. UFT won a grievance on Regents distributive scoring. DOE still not doing what they should when people are grading. Will make sure DOE adheres.

Rashad Brown—LGBTQ youth empowerment dinner. We want them to know we have a community of educators that support them. Want to raise funds. 75 for members. Can be purchased online.

Michelle Ferarro—Brooklyn parent conference Saturday. Over 400 parents showed up. Thanks to all.

Resolution in support of American Fed. of Musicians—Janella Hinds—I think about my favorite movies, and soundtracks. I think about themes of TV shows that make me focus. Corporations will be corporate, and what we’ve learned from local 802 is that Disney Plus told musicians that music was not important. They make up to 75% of yearly income from residuals. They’ve reached out to us for support, with this resolution. I ask for your support.

Passes unanimously.

President’s report—Michael Mulgrew—We should always remember that we take the time to honor those who have dedicated so much to the union. We are going to unveil major changes in lobby. Have been working all weekend. Thanks to those who designed and did all the work.

DOE on two major initiatives. All arbitration for class size will be finished by Thanksgiving. Thanks all who used new language in contract. Goal, if we do it right this year is to do better next.

We’ve been in some very focused discussions with DOE on lack of focus in Instructional Leadership Team framework. We are now in agreement with DOE and CSA. Tests and standards are changing. There’s been no training. Exec. superintendent says all staff are trained and we are ready. This is not true at all.

DOE is admitting now they have a lot of work to do in short time. They are pushing too much paperwork which is making this difficult. One superintendent did a PD and mandated that every school and teacher has to write curriculum. He put it in a powerpoint, which we got a copy of, and DOE denied knowledge of it.

Bureaucracy is a big challenge. Want to end by saying we will get to honor 6 people We are family community, and we respect each other and rely on each other at all times.

—Hope you are wearing solidarity button. Month of November very important in UFT history. We are the strongest, biggest and most forward thinking union in this country. Have a good night. Bar is now open.

We are adjourned 6:08
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