Wednesday, October 09, 2019

The Terrible Teacher

So this student doesn't show up to class for days. When he finally comes in, he's got these really prominent earphones. Who knows what kind they are, but they aren't airbuds. One of them is huge and made of something metallic. It really kind of stands out. The teacher has never seen anything like it before. He asks the kid to take it off, and he does. The teacher goes on.

The next day, the student comes in late again, and he's wearing the same earphones. Maybe they're a fashion statement. The teacher asks him to take them off again, and he does. The next day the same thing happens. The teacher, by now, is getting a little bit tired of him coming late to class and wearing these things. So he calls the dean, who comes in and takes them for the night. He's got to pick them up the next day. Undaunted, he pulls his phone out and starts doing whatever he does with that.

The next day, when he walks in late again, wearing the same earphones, The teacher starts to think he's not making an impression. This time he calls the dean and ask that they take his phone too. IThe teacher figures that's what powers the earbuds, so maybe this will discourage the repetitive behavior. The teacher tells the kid in the hall he's sorry, but it will be very hard for him to pass if he keeps walking in late and wasting time with the earphones.

The following week he comes in on time, and not wearing the earphones. The teacher hears his phone beep and asks him to turn the sound off. The kid does something or other, and the teacher assumes he's turned off the sound. The next time the teacher sees the kid he's late again, and they're having a test. The kids phone rings in class, and the teacher's patience is short indeed. So the teacher calls the dean again.

The teacher is more than a little shocked because he just took his phone on Friday, and the student has just gone a whole weekend without it. He later learns that the student's parents came up to get the phone on Friday. Evidently this played some small part it today's behavior. Why worry if the teacher takes the phone when they just have to give it back anyway?

The teacher tells the student to give the phone to the dean but he refuses. This is problematic because they're in the middle of the test. The dean says if he refuses to turn over the phone he has to go to the office. Off they go, but the dean has to return because the student left his phone in the backpack. Later the student returns with his backpack, but supposedly without the phone. Will the parent bail it out later? Who knows?

The student stays and finishes the test. The teacher hangs around until he does. Unsurprisingly, the student's not happy. He's demanding a new teacher, presumably one who's okay with him coming late whenever he golly gosh darn feels like it. A good teacher is one who lets you come in whenever you want, who lets you wear your earphones and listen to music in class, who never bothers with stuff like that.

This teacher, clearly, is totally out of the mix.
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