Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Boy Wonder and the School of Hard Knocks

No one was more influential in Boy Wonder's life than his father. He knew everything. He always knew what to say and do. And he took no guff from anyone. At this point in Boy Wonder's life, he admired no one more than his father.

"DID YOU LEARN IT YET?" Pow! The back of the hand.

"HOW ABOUT NOW?" Smack! Yet again.

"UNDERSTAND IT NOW?" Bam! That made the point.

Boy Wonder learned things the hard way, but he learned them well. Once you make a decision, everyone has to follow without question. There is no negotiation. There is no discussion. Now he was in charge, and when he made a decision that was it.

The whiners in his department, always complaining about this and that. Why do I have four classes in a row? Why do I have to spend my free period going to meetings and listening to you talk every day? Why is the PD just you complaining about everyone in the department?

Worst of all, everyone was complaining about his new decision. The history curriculum would be taught by topic, rather than chronologically. And all these losers were having a hard time with it. Oh, we can't do that. Oh it's never been done before. Oh, the kids will never understand this. The kids would understand what he told them to understand.

Just thinking about it made him hungry. And there was a special at Burger King today. They had extra bacon on the Whoppers and if you bought two of them you got a free drink or something. Plus there was a machine there, so he could refill his drink as much as he wanted. Gallons of Coca Cola. It was already 12 o' clock, a great time to skip out and pretend there was business.

But what was this? An email saying that the staff had demanded professional conciliation? Article 24 of the contract? He was supposed to explain why he wanted it this way? Because he said so! That's why! That should be good enough for anyone.

He would show those bastards. He would rate them all ineffective. Plus he would save time. From now on, he'd write the observations from Burger King. He'd make notes on his iPad while eating, and kill two birds with one stone. Then, when he was good and ready, he'd sit in the classrooms and fill out the dates. This would show those bastards who's boss.

But on the other hand, he'd been rating them all ineffective anyway. Would they even notice? Sure they would, when he started writing things that hadn't actually happened. Let them complain. It would be his word against theirs, and they were a bunch of losers who couldn't even figure how to duck out for a quick cheeseburger. Good thing for them, because anyone he caught stealing time from the school would get a letter in their frigging files.

Now all he had to do was check the names on the professional conciliation complaint and put letters in their frigging files. He couldn't wait to go and tell Dad about it. After a few smacks, maybe Dad would say he was proud. But probably not.

It didn't matter. This was the way to show those bastards the way, and bastards need to be shown the way.
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