Thursday, April 25, 2019

Those Left-Wing Weirdos and Their Wacky Ideas

It's pretty frustrating to watch TV these days. Joe Biden announces, and Trump is right up there saying none of these guys can beat me. He looks like nothing more than a pro-wrestler bad guy, and takes it well over the top. Anyone who disagrees with him is anti-American. The press is an enemy of the people. Anything he doesn't like is fake news.

Then you get people talking about the extreme right and the extreme left and calling for moderation. So what is the extreme right? It's hard for me to think of anything or anyone more right than the current president, who looks at a nazi rally and determines there are fine people on both sides. Last I heard, we fought a war against the nazis and won. I'm pretty sure we took a position on whether or not they were fine people a long time ago. Of course, Trump may not have studied that in school. Maybe that's why he doesn't want his grades released.

Then there's the extreme left. Now the press calls Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the extreme left. Let's take a quick look at what these extremist weirdos advocate for. Most prominent in the news these days is Medicare for All. This would mean that all Americans get health care. This would mean that no one would go bankrupt anymore for catastrophic medical emergency. This would mean that you would no longer have to worry about meeting some tremendous deductible before your medical insurance kicked in.

So if 70% of Americans favor Medicare for All, what's so controversial about it? One thing is that a plan like this would put a lot of medical insurance plans out of business. This would not make me feel too bad. If an insurance company's job is to profit, that interest goes directly counter to that of patients, Americans, whose interest is to get well or stay healthy. Just about every other developed country in the world has managed to enact universal health care, in one form or another.

What else does the extreme left want? Well, we want people to make a living wage. There's a lot of talk of $15 an hour. That's better than minimum wage now, so of course I support it. This notwithstanding, I don't actually see how anyone makes a living on that. I can't imagine how any household could sustain itself unless two people were working. I always remember the guy who lived across the street from me when I was a kid. He worked in a factory, owned a home and had five children on that one income.

Of course he was union. We radical leftists support union. I voted for Barack Obama the first time he ran partially because he supported card check, and easier way to unionize. Obama, of course, never bothered to push that. He also forgot his promise to find a pair of comfortable shoes and stand with labor when Wisconsin fell prey to Scott Walker's anti-union machinations. Of course Obama was a moderate, not one of those far-left weirdos.

Another thing we fringe leftists support is college for anyone who wants to go. Free college? Absolutely. It's not healthy for us, as a nation, to demand that people go deep into debt just to get an education. It's unconscionable that we have young people committing suicide because they begin life hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. I'm not saying everyone needs to go to college. I'm saying everyone should have the opportunity to go if that's what they want.

So color me radical. Hillary Clinton ran on a platform of moderation. She said we'd never, ever get universal health care. She said if we offered free college that Donald Trump's children would go for free. She waffled on the $15 minimum wage. She told the AFT we could learn from "public charter schools," whatever the hell they are.

Here's a news flash--despite what you may see or hear on Fox, Hillary lost the election to Donald Trump. The time to be careful and run a "moderate" who stands for nothing is past. We need someone who can and will deliver what America wants. America needs to move forward.
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