Tuesday, April 23, 2019

MORE Plans to Fail, Fails to Plan to Fail Sufficiently, and Comes in Second Among Working Teachers

Breaking--the leadership of the MORE Caucus is trying to deal with the humiliation of failing in one of its prime goals. Not only did they fail to garner zero votes, but they didn't even come in last. Worse, among working teachers, they actually came in second. Given that, it will be cold comfort that they managed to lose by a factor of 16-1.

Surely this will be something they'll discuss at their next general meeting, until and unless the discussion goes awry and they have to purge people. You know, that's when they get rid of troublemakers, like Mike Schirtzer and Norm Scott. Schirtzer, I hear, used an unacceptable synonym for excrement and frightened everyone. Norm, of course, is Norm, and if it's not the norm to be Norm, you must unseat Norm before the seat is warm. Or at least that's what sources close to the Norm situation tell me.

As is well-established, MORE went into this election cycle with the clear goal of losing. Optimally they would get no votes whatsoever. However, an election campaign requires that you ask people to vote for you. Otherwise, it would not be a campaign. So there's the rub--when you run to lose you have to at least pretend to run to win, or people will find you insincere. Now it's pretty tough, when you are sincerely insincere, to prove you are not. So that was one quandary.

The other was the necessity of giving the appearance of wanting votes. So you have to act like you want them. You put videos up on the website with people talking about why others should vote for them. There's always the danger people will watch those videos, listen to what the people say, and then vote for them. You can make the videos distinctly lower quality than the ones you used last time, but that won't force people not to listen. I mean sure, you can make up for those who listen somewhat by going to the DA and shouting inanities, but not everyone goes to the DA.

Of course you run no candidates whatsoever for the high school seats, because last time you won them, and that was a disaster. I mean, there were those people going to Executive Board twice a month, making themselves available to anyone who wanted to talk to them, and advocating for just about anyone who asked. Worse, they didn't bother to advocate for the things you wanted because it was Monday night and hey, Monday night is rumba lessons.

Now it was helpful that there were other caucuses running. They would draw votes. But there would always be some people who would remember you won last time, and vote for you. So you print flyers, but distribute very few. You target a few thousand people and send them flyers, but you don't actually distribute the flyers anywhere. If you're chapter leader of a school, you certainly don't bother with that, because given people voted for you, they might listen to you, and if that happens, they vote for you. If enough people vote for you there's a danger of winning, and you've already established that would be a disaster.

So you screw up in every way you possibly can and you still don't come in last. And coming in second among working teachers? That's something you're never gonna live down.
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