Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dear Colleagues:

         Vote for Unity Caucus Slate            
Keep Francis Lewis on 
UFT Executive Board

First, I thank you for the honor of allowing me to represent you for these last ten years. I look forward to continuing to do so both in and out of our building.

I’ve been on UFT Executive Board for three years now. The first time I opened my mouth there was to protest our overcrowding. As a direct result, we will get an annex, which will somewhat relieve the issue.

This has been a good year for us. Mike Shirtzer, who now joins me on this slate, and I were able to push two very significant improvements for UFT members.

Mike brought Emily James to Executive Board. Emily had a petition with 80,000 signatures on it demanding parental leave. After she spoke, UFT President Michael Mulgrew promised to follow up, and within months, we had an agreement.

Last summer I was on the UFT contract committee. The number one complaint I get is that we are too frequently observed. I therefore quietly pushed for two observations. I was greatly supported by Vice Presidents Evelyn de Jesus and Janella Hinds, and ultimately by Mulgrew.This proved to be the last thing hanging in contract negotiations, but UFT hung tough until the last moment, and now 85% of tenured teachers will only need two observations.

I want to keep working with the people who’ve supported us. If elected, I will continue to represent you not only on UFT Executive Board, but also on NYSUT and AFT, where Unity has placed me as a delegate. Therefore I ask you to vote for me, and the entire Unity Slate, by checking the Unity slate box on your ballot.

Best regards.

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