Tuesday, February 05, 2019

The Circular Firing Squad

That's an interesting expression. I first saw it in the ashes of Hillary Clinton's spectacular defeat at the tiny hands of Donald Trump. We ought not to be so critical, people said. How could it be Hillary's fault that too few people got out of their rocking chairs to vote for her? I disagreed. While I found Donald Trump so odious that I voted for Hillary in the general, she failed to inspire me.

On one level, I thought it was great that we were, evidently, in line to have a woman as President, I was less happy with her policies. Hillary said we were never, ever going to get universal health care. She said it was a mistake to offer free college because that would mean Trump's kids would take advantage. She seemed to think America was not yet ready for a living wage. Like most Americans, I support all the aforementioned. I was also taken aback when Hillary said, right in front of my face in Minnesota, that we could, "learn from public charter schools," whatever the hell they may be. Hillary failed to mobilize as many people as Obama did, and as a result we have President Donald Trump.

Now a lot of former Hillary supporters are up in arms whenever anyone criticizes Democratic primary hopefuls. I myself wrote a little bit about Cory Booker, who I firmly believe is the worst of the worst. (Bloomberg is also abysmal, but I don't consider him a Democrat. I consider him a morally bankrupt whore who will join any political party whose nomination he feels he can buy outright.)

Of course there is a whole lot of talk about other candidates. Here's an article about Booker, Harris, and Patrick. Here's what the article has on Kamala Harris:

Most notoriously, she refused to prosecute Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's old company OneWest for numerous instances of almost certain illegal foreclosure, against the advice of her own Consumer Law Section, and has so far refused to say why. (She was also the only Senate Democratic candidate to get a donation from Mnuchin himself in 2016.)

In fact, the article fails to note that Harris threatened to put parents of truant children in jail back in 2010. That's some tough love right there. I'd like to hear more about that now, rather than, for example, when her opponent is Donald Trump and he makes himself out to be a good guy even though he puts children in cages.

Patrick actually works for Mitt Romney's predatory Bain Capital. That's not the best calling card for me, and if I recall correctly, it didn't work all that well for Mitt Romney with American voters either. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the Democrats will like it even less than the GOP did.

Interestingly enough, the article about Booker, Harris and Patrick says this about Booker:

Booker is mistrusted because of his ties to Wall Street. Most notoriously, when President Obama attacked Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign for his long career as a bloodsucking financial parasite, buying up companies only to strip their assets and drive them into bankruptcy, Booker defended Bain Capital on Meet the Press. Why? Because New Jersey is just across the river from Manhattan and both parties are drowning in Wall Street cash.

It does not even mention that Booker waved the flag and solicited donations for DFER. It says nothing about his being joined to the hip with Chris Christie on all things education. The writer of the piece may or may not even know that he supports vouchers and has worked hand in claw with Trump's Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

It's kind of remarkable that an article on the left's issues with several Democratic candidates doesn't even mention the callousness with which Booker has treated teachers and unions. I think that's on us, and that it's time for us to get the word out. Working people benefit from union. I suppose that's considered leftist, but that's ridiculous. All Americans ought to have decent working conditions, and for most of us, union is how we attain them.

The talk of circular firing squad amounts to no more than the mindset of the monkeys pictured above. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. It's bad politics, and woefully short-sighted. Everything about every candidate is going to come out. It's much better to have these discussions before the general. It's true that no one's perfect, but we need to come up with someone who's at least on our side.

Hillary failed to inspire people to come out. I was furious with all the people who'd insulted Bernie Sanders, who insulted those of us who supported him, and who made what we've now confirmed to be idiotic warnings about repeating 1972. Actually, I'm quite concerned about repeating 2016. Let's eliminate everyone who won't stand for what Hillary wouldn't stand for. No health care? No affordable college? No living wage? We already have Trump if we want to move backwards.

Americans love public schools. Let's choose a candidate who supports them, and those of us who work in them, not Booker,and not Bloomberg. Americans want health insurance for all. Let's find a candidate who shares this desire. Americans want affordable college and a living wage, and someone who will stand for Main Street as opposed to Wall Street. Let's find someone who doesn't work for frigging Bain Capital.

Those people who are terrified someone may say something bad about a Democratic primary hopeful have got things exactly wrong. Let's get it all out now, because it's certainly coming out anyway. Let's not select another phony baloney candidate who stands for little or nothing Americans want. Let's pick someone who will get people off their asses and into the voting booth this year.

It's not enough to say this person is Not Donald Trump. That didn't work in 2016 and it won't work in 2020 either. Honestly, I can't believe that the approach of so many people who wish to defeat this abomination is to suggest we sit down, shut up, and take whatever the DNC dumps in our laps. If we have to sit down, a whole lot of us will still be sitting when Election Day rolls around.

We absolutely, positively cannot have that in 2020.
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