Sunday, December 02, 2018

Small Car Reviews, Volume 2

I'm still waiting to get my car back, and it looks like I won't see it until Tuesday. I had a Nissan Versa that I liked pretty well, but the tire inflation light came on the day after I got it. I drove it back to the rental joint where they put some air in it and said it was fine. The next day it went on again. They said not to worry about it, and that I should just fill it up with air every now and then. I wasn't happy with that, and took the car back.

Now I'm in a Ford Fiesta. This car is 30% plastic, 30% metal, and 40% road noise. The latter wouldn't be so bad if the stereo were able to play bluetooth music at a decent volume, or even an indecent volume. However, it does neither. If you're under five feet in height, though, you should find it comfortable to sit in.

The controls are in odd places. The headlights are controlled from the main console rather than the thing protruding from the steering wheel. Also the windshield wiper control doesn't pull down, but rather up. I had to sit in the car for a few minutes before I figured that out. The stereo controls are pretty extensive and I'm not used to them yet. I'm hoping to return the car before that changes.

On the positive side, it has a kind of thick steeering wheel. It's also got little corners in the rear view mirrors which actually show you what's in the blind spot. While the lights don't turn on and off automatically when the car does the same, it does have a tone that essentially says, "Turn the lights off, you idiot."

I haven't driven a Toyota Yaris yet, but I read somewhere that it was essentially a Mazda 2. I'll bet that's a cool little car. But I don't suppose I'll ever know. Fiesta is the Spanish word for party. If you're going to one, you might have more fun taking the bus than driving this car. Driving this car makes me yearn for a decent public transportation system that would allow me to forgo driving altogether. 
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