Friday, December 21, 2018

If Santa Used a DOE Computer, There Would Be Many Unhappy Children

This may have been the slowest week of the year, but take heart, because next week will be the fastest. Before you can say, "Wow, I have a week off," you'll be moving your time card and saying, "Where did that week go?" People will ask how your vacation was and you'll have to tell them,"I woke up this morning and it was over."

How do these things happen? Greater minds than mine have puzzled these things out, and there are simply no good answers. But take heart, because somewhere around three today, you'll be off. I'd say off and running, but it's Friday, it's the last day before a vacation, and it's supposed to rain. So unless you live across the street from where you work, there's gonna be a slight delay between work and vacation.

I used to make fun of teachers who'd say the tech in their rooms didn't work. Yesterday I learned that I've become inseparable from technology. I should've known this would happen when I started bringing a Macbook Air with me to school every day. I was further corrupted when my supervisor placed me in a room with working tech, assuming I'd feel obliged to use it. (Alas, she was completely right about that.) But yesterday I forgot to bring it, and I felt like I'd shown up to work in my pajamas.

Yesterday I didn't need to show any presentations. We've thankfully dumped the crappy online attendance system. What I did yesterday was give a couple of tests. After doing so I needed to record the grades and had no laptop. I logged into a school computer and waited. And waited, And waited. When it finally showed me a screen, I waited some more until a few icons showed up.

I signed on to Skedula on Safari, something I do every day on my laptop. But the screen I saw showed no option to "continue login" and I was stuck. A helpful colleague said try another browser. I tried Firefox. Same thing.. Finally I used Chrome and it worked. I don't love the mouse on the school computers, and everything took a whole lot longer than I expected. Seriously, I have no idea how any teacher survives without carrying a laptop.

I guess if you just have a marking book it can be simpler than using school computers. I think, though, that with an online gradebook and decent hardware you don't really lose any time. But we're on break beginning tomorrow and there's no time to lose.

I wish you a week absent of computer problems, perhaps absent of computers. I hope you get to go somewhere wonderful, see someone wonderful, and do something wonderful.

I wish you a happy and healthy break. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about it because you earned every single second of it. People who don't know what we do think we're on vacation all the time. While one week goes fast, I think I'd be bored by perpetual vacation. You can't just hang with social media all day.

If you're looking for me, absent flooding or storm, I'll be walking my dog along the Woodcleft Canal. What are you doing this holiday week?
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