Thursday, October 11, 2018

Proposed UFT Contract Highlights

Money—2% February 2019, 2.5% May 2020 and 3% May 2021.

Evaluation—Anyone rated HE gets two. Anyone rated E or higher for two years running gets two. Anyone rated I plus E gets 3 informal. Developing and probationers 3 plus one formal. Ineffective 4 plus one formal.  UFT has asked for joint training in evaluation rather than simply supervisors norming. Feedback will be given in 30 days rather than 45.

Paraprofessionals will get enhanced due process rights. They will be subject to teacher grievance timelines and will no longer be suspended without pay as a result of a single incident.

ATRs will be placed day one if there are openings in their license areas.

Safety, Curriculum, PD, Supplies, Workload issues will go to committees, districtwide and then citywide. This will mirror the current paperwork process, as I understand it. Hopefully grievances will be utilized less frequently.

Schools must have and adhere to student removal process.

Chapter leaders will have access to OORs.

Dean positions can be created for each 500 students, up to 1500, without need for SBO.

Class size  will not change. Action for oversized classes must be taken within 21 days. Chronically oversized schools will have only ten days. These will go to superintendent and chancellor and will hopefully result in fewer arbitrations.

DOE shall maintain an environment free of harassment and retaliation. I believe complaints of such will also go directly to superintendent and chancellor.

There will be additional teacher leadership roles aside from previously established ones.

There will be a Bronx Collaborative School Model, though it will not be restricted to the Bronx. No, I don’t know why they named it that. This will help schools via consensus building. Chapter leader must buy in or school will not be considered. This will apply to up to 120 schools. There will be a hard to staff differential for all UFT titles.

MA plus 30 will be more flexible. Various lower-cost credits will be permitted, including some CTLE credits. DOE will offer a minimum of 3 CTLE credits per year in school, and will promote and support further CTLE.

There will be an employment screening process in the summer. Those employed after September will get five months to complete the process.
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