Monday, September 24, 2018

UFT Exec. Board September 24--Norm Scott Holds Court and New Officers

6:01 Howard Schoor welcomes us.


Norm Scott—Thanks God he’s retired. Was first speaker when Randi instituted process. Always about school conditions. Likes reports from districts, which are always positive. Good to know people are doing great stuff. Also things not going right. Please tell us, seems that’s avoided.

Facebook—para on chat list married to teacher, current environment teachers treated poorly, micromanagement, ludicrous demands, spiteful admin, teachers in fear. Not all schools this way. In Detroit they said UFT was strongest in country. Is it not that way anymore?

I feel these comments, coming from many places, are danger to union. You have to make show of force that you are there for teachers. You have to go into the schools and principals need to know someone is opposing them. Principals call lawyers, teachers don’t have that kind of support. Must inundate and counter this.

Schoor—Agree reports from districts have gotten better since 2016.


LeRoy Barr—CL training Oct 13-14. Making Strides walk that weekend, Sunday Central Park, Oct. 21 in rest of boroughs. ELL conference, Oct. 20, at UFT. Teacher Union Day Nov. 4. NY Hilton. EB Oct 15.

Schoor—in response to Jonathan Halabi, discontinuances not increased from previous year—more in minority districts, where more probationary teachers are. Looked at churn rate, haven’t completed, have brought up to DOE, who say number not meaningful, some may be retirement.  Schools with lack of good leadership puts teachers at risk,


Arthur Goldstein—We now have a chancellor who appears not to be insane. Therefore I wonder whether we might propose to him that we get rid of lawyers who sit around and tell principals to ignore the collective bargaining agreement. They really serve no purpose other than wasting our time and lowering morale.

Can we just tell him that he’s not Joel Klein, that Mayor de Blasio isn’t Mike Bloomberg, and that we don’t actually need to be perpetually at war for no reason whatsoever?

Schoor—We’re in negotiations, have brought up issue. Managerial issue, not something we bargain about, but that money can be better spent elsewhere.

Jonathan Halabi—My understanding is that any change in health care comes from the MLC agreement, and isn’t a direct part of our negotiations

First, can we get a report at this Executive Board about what health care changes the MLC agreed to? And a copy of that agreement?

And secondly, I have heard that the agreement includes a provision that new employees must join HIP for their first year. Is that a done deal, or is the precise shape of the health care changes for UFT members negotiable?

—Agreement is public, is online, has been agreed to.

Joe Eusatch
—Was press release about all changes. Is available online.

—Will check and get it. New employees will be in HIP for one year, and then they will have right to switch over. There are other pieces to it. Will be part of our contract. Starts July 2019 for three years.

Ashraya Gupta
—Is this a done deal for new employees or can we negotiate?

Schoor—All health is negotiated by all city unions as one. This was before DC37 agreement. City spends 7 billion out of 90 billion on health care. Was necessary before contracts. We are part of it.

KJ Ahluwalia
—Thanks for Caribean food. Asks for Indian.

Schoor—Can’t guarantee.

KJ—What’s current ATR number? What are we doing about it?

Mike Sill—have requested number. Using computer systems, put in information request. Hoping to have it next time. No reason for significant increase. As soon as we have it I’ll share it. In each of years when there were “out of time” schools we negotiated agreements that people who found themselves in excess got one year placements.

Marcus McArthur
—Hot schools—Can you update us?

Schoor—City Council getting involved. Goal is end of 2022, but City Council would like it done by end of summer.

Sam White
—speaker—Teacher and school psychologist, still in system, is not quite retired. She is also not working. DOE claims she owes them money. Spoke to you, indicated she taught part time in 1953. Her daughter will update.

Daughter—Mom at point where she needs to sit down. Is confused about benefits. I need to be put in touch with someone so I can help her. She would like to volunteer. Quite a lot she is owed but has not touched. Please help me help her.

Schoor—Tom Brown is trustee on TRS, will help.

Tom Brown
—Mom eligible to retire, and we will accommodate her, set up appointment with consultation. We will help her with process.

—We will need your info. Lots of respect for someone who started in 1953.

Michael Mulgrew—At this point, we’ll get all numbers, but the one we have to watch is new members. Should be part of a standard report. We need to reach all our new hires. So far everything seems to be going well. Little bogged down in negotiations. Going back upstairs to continue.

First two DOE firings. People who handle buses are gone. Have strong feelings on other set of workers mentioned here. Will see where things shake out. Chancellor now has most of people he wants in place. Waiting on parent outreach person, in SF now.

Glad we’re doing hot schools program. Wed. will be 82 degrees. Most of our work now about contract, Biggest issues are ones we’re getting to now. Thanks people who worked weekend to prepare.

Next EB October 15, will need political report. Thanks retiree chapter for stepping up. Very enthusiastic. Also working in NJ. State Senate important to change APPR.

Schoor—Know the word “deep state?” That’s what negotiating with DOE is like.
Reports from Districts:

Patricia Phillomena
—Thanks for bocci tournament Saturday, raised $1100. Flip flops won. Tom Murphy was in finals, put up tremendous fight.

George Altamari—Didn’t win bocci tournament, but won Italian Americans for month of October, shows poster. Poster is salute to Italian women in America, Ellis Island to present.

—gives Jonathan H. copy of agreement.

Paul Egan—Chelsea drew and Eagles won. Will have more details next time.

Congressional races in NJ we are working on. Retirees will do phone banks. Andrew Lanza in part of NYC where GOP always gets elected. In 22nd, Marty Golden is sitting Senator, against speed cameras, we are targeting him. We removed Padavan. We can win this if everyone gets out and does a little bit. Please put effort into race. That would be a massive pickup. Let’s take out Marty Golden.

Schoor—slogan should be Marty Golden—unsafe at any speed.

Ellen Driesen
—Was at event yesterday, and Andrew Gounardes used your line.

Nominations for Officers

Mel Aaronson—nominates Debby Penny. Has been long term activist. Was CL. Worked in ed. area as liaison. Was pension consultant. Rose to become borough rep. for SI. Always thought of her for trustee in NYC retirement system. Was nominated, has served admirably. Great pleasure and confidence that job I’ve held over 20 years will be in good hands.

No other nominations.

Schoor—secretary therefore makes one vote, and she is elected.

Debby Penny
—Been teacher for many years, consultant over 15, never thought I’d be in this position. Thanks Mel for his commitment to secure retirement.

Carmen Alvarez—VP Special Ed—Not easy for me, but an honor to nominate Mary Jo Janisi. Been in DOE over 20 years as occupational therapist. Worked in hard to staff areas like Bronx. Advocated for students, made partnerships with parents, trained staff, supported physical and occupational therapists. Has done great work making people understand power of union. Trouble shot problems for members. Been on many committees Has been my assistant for past year. Met with DOE, supes, deputy chancellor, advocacy groups. Has integrity, keeps word. I nominate her for VP for Special Ed.

Schoor—reads election rules. no other nominations, he elects Mary Jo Janisi new VP.

Mary Jo Janisis—Honored to follow Carmen Alvarez. Incredible to work alongside you. Thanks Carmen, EB, and President. I don’t have your experience, but I share your passion for serving others. Will carry on your legacy.

Schoor—You will now have to sit in front.

We are adjourned 6:49
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