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UFT Executive Board January 8, 2017--We Change the World in 45 Minutes

6:02 PM—Howard Schoor welcomes us, wishes happy new year. Says there are no speakers. Crowd applauds.


President’s Report—Mulgrew is not here.

Staff Director—LeRoy Barr—Announces negotiation committee meeting. EB member automatically on. DA next week, Jan 17. February Black History Month film series, will be flyer.
Next EB Jan. 22.

Schoor—Report on class size

Keira from grievance department—UFT initiates class size grievances. Gets info 1st, 6th and 10th day. Day ten numbers are what demands are based on. Again in February. Last year were 526 demands. Many resolved, some went to hearings. for 17-8, were 437 demands. Will increase when HS reorganizes. Important chapter leaders tell when violations are resolved. 16-7—community districts 1320 schools reported oversize, HS 1148 oversized classes 2468 oversized total last year. This year so far CSD 1254 overages HS 1019 overages 2273 total. 200 fewer so far.

Some schools have extensive history. We keep track of schools with extensive history. We look very closely at about 19. These are discussed on labor management committee.  We work with DOE to come up with solutions. Susan Wagner on list, fewer than 10 this year. Had hundreds in past. Pathways resolved violations before hearing. Journalism resolved.. others resolved…we take some to get precedents in full blown arbitrations.

When grievance is sustained, school has five days to come into compliance. If they cannot, DOE has to come up with a “reasonable action plan in good faith.” There is no format. May be relief from C6. We have a compliance call. DOE presents its action plan. Only basis to object is if plan is unreasonable. Proposed a school aide provided relief—that was shot down. 250 resolved after hearing. Mulgrew concerned about class size cases being resolved after we have hearings. Position is we could get that done day before. 72 resolved prior to scheduling this year.

16-7 29 action plans 15 came into compliance.This year 5 completed action plans, 23 being scheduled.

Arthur GoldsteinMORE—How is C6 relief an action plan? When I have an oversized class, I need help right there in the classroom. Extra prep doesn’t help me.

Keira—Depending on history, I object to these things. Pushed for relief from more. Ultimately arbitrator decides what’s reasonable.

Mike Schirtzer—MORE—asks about Tottenville

Keira—Arbitrator ruled no more action plans

Jonathan HalabiNew Action--Who is pushing for DOE to waste our arbitration days?

Keira—I can’t say what DOE does. We maximize our days as best we can.

Schoor—I think they willfully try to violate contract. Welcomes new member of Executive Board

Mulgrew is here—6:22

President’s Report—

Comments on snow day, attendance on Friday—system around 50%.

February 26 oral arguments for Janus. Number one issue among members. Becoming more educated but we have more to do. We believe one on one conversations are very important. Training more door knockers. We have enough volunteers. We will start monitoring membership teams, training them. We don’t want this to be a big time drag. It means that teams will coordinate conversations. Our rights and benefits are in jeopardy.

You want a team that reps all titles in building.

State of State speech—Governor was educated and changed his mind. We give him credit for changing his path. He was trumpeting graduation rate and proud we invest more in education. This is important because federal tax plan could cripple our economy. Important to offset damages because of inability to deduct state and local taxes.  Township in NJ now have charitable contribution accounts. They are going after blue states, not hiding it. Doesn’t matter that we subsidize services for states who have no taxes. This is a middle finger to us. It’s an existential threat. Cuomo said he’d do something to protect unionized workers.

Not optimistic about getting cooperation from state Senate. They hate NYSUT and UFT.

City Council—we hope for cooperation. We hope they come through to help our school system and our city. We have six UFT members in City Council, several up for important jobs.

Searching for chancellor—told them we’re not giving names, but have issues with anyone who’s been through Broad Institute or anyone from certain think tanks. Many supes have been through programs—we want someone who believes in research, who’s been a teacher, and who believes in collaboration.

6;32—Mike Schirtzer--MORE asks about parental leave

Mulgrew—making progress but we have to kick it up a notch. We have a negotiating committee—They might be slowing this with us because of something happening elsewhere. Says it’s not about our next round of bargaining. Says we are making progress.

Schoor—many comments on our Facebook page about this—runs the gamut.


Jonathan HalabiNew Action—What’s our membership plan for weak chapters?

Paul Egan—There is a pilot program. Each borough sends chapter advocates to several schools. Hoping to find what works and doesn’t. We hope to address gaps and holes. Hope to have 100% by end of month.

Arthur GoldsteinMORE—I’m chapter leader of the largest school in Queens. A whole lot of schools like ours have been cut into little pieces and small themed schools, or charter schools. We managed to survive Bloomberg and thrive, which is a minor miracle.

A big factor in that miracle, for my money, is our JROTC, the largest in the country, and likely the most successful. These kids change the tone of our school very much for the better. And their teachers are some of the hardest-working people I’ve ever met. When I show up at 6:30 AM, they’re already there. When I go to PTA meetings in the evening, there’s always some JROTC teacher doing something or other with 200 kids.

But none of them have tenure. None of them can get it because there’s no such thing as a military science certification in NY State. There is one in New Jersey. I hate being behind new Jersey. To me, it’s borderline criminal that JROTC instructors don’t have the same rights and privileges I do.

What can we do to change that? How can we help them have what every UFT member should have?

Schoor—Janella Hinds will research this.

Report from districts—

?—Sent check for 21K for Operation Aqua. Please send more if possible.

Janella Hinds—ON Saturday a team of HS educators went to Chelsea Piers. Had bowling party for women in need. Nice to bring young people in temporary housing, on frigid day, to warm bowling alley. Got movie tickets and 50$ gift care.

Legislative Report—Paul Egan—Eagles did not play—Mulgrew gave much of my report. We will be having our committee of 100, and Lobby Day. Hopes for 1,000 people. People need permission from principal.

Schoor—6 teachers on City Council of 51. One is Danny Drumm. Leaving ed. committee, hope to put another teacher, Mark Trager, on that.

Resolution in support of CHP—9 million kids could lose medical coverage.

LeRoy Barr—Supports resolution. Program pays for health care for low income and middle class children, many served by UFT. Began in 1987, was bipartisan support. Demands that GOP stops playing politics and passes this program. Asks for support.

Schoor—If feds don’t pay, state will have to.

Passes unanimously.

We are adjourned 6:47
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