Friday, March 17, 2017

The Most Popular Politician in America is Bernie Sanders

That's what this poll says. And it breaks my heart to think we played it smart by going with Hillary, the sure thing. I am really angry with people who still tell me we made the right decision. I am really angry with people who tell me Bernie couldn't have won. Hillary Clinton lost an election against perhaps the most unpopular candidate who ever ran. While she got more votes than he did, she lacked the vision, the foresight, and mostly the popularity to defeat a person who should've been an easy target.

Donald Trump is targeting Meals on Wheels, a program that costs a whole lot less than his Florida vacations or providing security for Melania and the kid here in Fun City. While he visits his own resort every weekend and we peons pay the bills, he plays golf. He relentlessly criticized Obama for doing the same thing a whole lot less.

Trump's heath plan is ridiculous. We cut and cut, you're screwed and screwed, and millions of Americans will be on their own. Meanwhile, Trump blabbers about his bigot wall, about keeping out Muslims, and about how tough he is. He's gonna bring down ISIS. You know how you bring down ISIS? Put them on Trumpcare.

And still on Twitter and Facebook people lecture me that running Hillary was a good idea. She had all that experience. So what if she took all that money from Goldman Sachs and won't tell us what she said? So what if she's massively unpopular? So what if she was compromised in other ways as well? So what if she failed to offer any significant improvement to the lives of American people, things like universal health care, a living wage, and college tuition for those who can't afford it?

The fact is that Donald Trump went out there and promised significant change. While he's a pathological liar, a malignant narcissist, and likely delusional, he resonated. He certainly picked up the bigots and xenophobes among us. And they certainly feel empowered with white supremacist Steve Bannon sitting in the White House.

The prevailing wisdom among those who pushed Hillary above Bernie was that he was too extreme. Several people have cautioned me that you can't elect a Jewish socialist. It's interesting to see people who are ostensibly progressive say Jews can't get elected. They said the same about Catholics when JFK ran. And they said the same about African Americans when Obama ran. People just don't like that group. I suppose they said the same about women when Hillary ran.

Then there's the socialist label. Bernie actually refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist, which means he embraces practices like those in Europe, where people have, you know, universal health care, a living wage, and cost-free higher education. But the people lecturing me on social media can't be bothered with that stuff. They just say you can't elect a Jewish socialist, and of course they aren't bigots, because maybe they are Jewish, maybe they have a friend who's Jewish, or whatever.

And they aren't prejudiced against socialists, because they don't even know what socialists are. Certainly they haven't bothered to do the most cursory research on what Sanders means when he calls himself that, because hey, he's a Jewish socialist, a Jewish socialist can't win, and they're very keen and incisive so they've decided to go with the sure thing. Hillary was the winning bet and why take chances? It was her turn. She's been around for years and years and years and anyone grasping for genuine improvement for America is crazy and demanding too much.

The result of all this brilliant thinking, in case it isn't crystal clear, is President Donald Trump. Time for all you supporters of mediocrity and hollow talk to give up the ghost, renounce neoliberal nonsense, and work toward bringing Americans what they need. In case I haven't made that clear, it's universal health care, a living wage, and cost-free college.

Every time we thoughtlessly reject those who'd actually help us, we risk moving even farther away from what we need. 
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