Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wrestlemania 2016

On Monday night I decided to take a peek at the debate. I didn't need to get up early on Tuesday, and figured I'd have little to lose. With luck, I'd fall asleep and miss most of it. For me, it's usually good enough to watch the little pieces on TV.

But fortune was not smiling on me and I stayed awake through all of it. I'd read about how Trump had assembled a group of women who had grudges with Bill, along with a rape victim whose attacker had been defended by attorney Hillary Clinton. Thus, his response to being caught on camera saying things most people would find unacceptable from a 12-year-old junior high school loser was to make it into even more of a reality show than it already was. Honestly, attorneys represent all sorts of clients, and I understand some even represent Donald Trump. It's pretty creepy to judge them for doing their jobs.

At the actual debate it seems like Trump was really pushing the edges of his limited vocabulary to describe how bad Hillary was. She was the dumbest, the worst, she was a disaster. And everything was her fault. Why didn't she change it when she was in the Senate? After all, you get one of a hundred voices over in that place. It was controlled by the Republicans, she said. But Trump thought that wasn't good enough. Maybe she should've twisted everyone's arm until they came over to her way of thinking.

And then it was Obamacare. Yes, what a disaster. I'm personally upset to have my daughter covered until she's 26 under my policy. What a horror that is. And oh, she wants single payer. They have that in Canada, and all the Canadians are climbing over one another to get here and have surgery. Only they aren't. Unless you're incredibly wealthy you can't afford to do almost anything in an American hospital, which charges you thousands of dollars a day simply for being there, let alone having anything done.

And unfortunately, Hillary is not for single payer anymore, having failed to push it through when her husband was President. I've read that she supports a public option, which beats the hell out of having to choose between various predatory insurance companies. But Trump will magically have those companies compete and offer reasonable options, even though they have never done so before and have, before Obamacare, pretty much excluded anyone who actually had the temerity to get sick before wanting to be insured. (Actually the public option would give them something serious with which to compete.) Yes, single payer would be a disaster. How awful to free doctors of having to bill 500 insurance companies and patients of various copays and fees over which they have no control whatsoever.

And then there's the tough guy routine. Trump favors the law and order that's dumped over 2 million Americans in prison, and when he wins, he'll appoint a special prosecutor and place Hillary there too. How dare she state he's unfit, let alone run against him? He'll show her. He'll put her in prison, just like his pal Putin. And if those Dixie Chicks, or anyone else, dare speak up against him, he'll dump them in a cell somewhere, just like Putin did to Pussy Riot. Maybe he'll dump them in Hillary's cell. None of that free speech crap for the Donald. If you're gonna be a tough guy you can't tolerate such frivolity.

And when they ask him about his remarks about women, he says I'm sorry but I'm going after ISIS. Somehow, in his mind there's a connection. Maybe we're supposed to be afraid that if we don't vote for him, ISIS will somehow become more powerful. They're not open-minded, like we are. Maybe they'll torture people, you know, like Trump says he wants to do. Maybe they'll win elections and imprison or otherwise wipe out their opponents. Stuff like that happens, you know.

Honestly, I can't believe I sat through this nonsense. I'm glad I'm not a social studies teacher who assigned students to watch it. I'd probably be on charges for corrupting our youth or something. Did you endure this? At the very least, shouldn't we all get a prize for it?
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