Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Suggestion Box 2016

Every year I offer a reading about a suggestion box and then open one for my students. Answers are anonymous. This year I made a mistake--in trying to simplify it, I asked my morning class what they liked and did not like, and what they would change. This resulted in answers like, "I like coconuts. I don't like fish." I will spare you most of those answers. In my afternoon class I asked, "What do you like about the class?" This worked out a little better. Though I've cleaned up grammar and usage a little, I've changed nothing else. Here's what my kids had to say:

I like it when we can study a lot, and be with our classmates. I don't like when the teacher gives us "zero." (To be clear, I may write a zero on a piece of paper and hand it to a student. It doesn't actually mean anything.)

The class is nice and the teacher is the best.

I like to talk about stories. I don't like to do classwork. I would change myself and speak more in class.

I like that we can make jokes with the teacher. I don't like when we do classwork only in a book. It's boring. We can do something different in class. And I hope the teacher can cut all his hair. I think that is better.

I like English class, because in this class we have a lot of good students and teachers. I never saw another teacher better than Mr. Goldstein. He's an interesting and funny guy. I don't like when somebody sleeps in class. It's terrible. I like everything.

I like everything about this class. I think everything is good and this class too.

I like chocolate and taking a break. I don't like noise. I want to change nothing.

In this class I like the teacher because he's funny and active. I don't like when the teacher screams at me and that's why I went to the doctor for my ears. I would like to change the seats and only have one period of English.

I like this schools because it's very big and I think that it's the best school in Queens. I don't like the food because it's bad and I would change only the food. Sometimes the teachers are nice and other teachers are bad. I like it here because I have friends and my girlfriend is here, but I don't like the gym because I like to sleep every day.

Why don't we get tests every day? We want more tests.

I like this class because sometimes we try to make the class funny but it never happens. I like that we learn a lot. Well, I don't know about other people but especially me, I learn a lot here. What I don't like is we never do something different and it's always the same. To change it we should make something different at least one day a week and the students are not gonna be bored in this class.

I like food. I don't like tests. I would change my brain.

I like to listen to English. I don't like to do group work.

I like vocabulary. I don't like tests. Let's go outside to learn English!

I like to learn vocabulary because it helps my English. I don't like to talk and fight with friends. I don't like the open window because it's so cold. I don't like someone but I won't say who. I think this class is very good, but not very great. If people could speak a lot of languages it would be great because people can understand what you say. And I want this class to have food and drink.

I like when we read in English. I don't like much homework.

I like this class because the teacher is funny and I think it's relaxing.

I think this class is good because it's very funny and the teacher is good. I think maybe this class needs more games.

Don't worry about guys who come 1-5 minutes late and give less homework.

I like English class because he is so funny. I don't have to dislike something. I don't want to change something that is so good.

I like how we learn. I like how the teacher helps us to learn. I think we should watch more videos and discuss them. Also sometimes we should watch a movie.

I don't like people so much. I like that my classmates and teacher are all friendly.

I like the teacher. I like this class.

This class is great. I think we should do more speaking practice.

I like this class because I have a good teacher.

I like inglish se explica bien.

My idea is some teachers are nice like Mr. Goldstein. He is so funny and a good teacher and I like class in English.

Why don't you bring us our favorite foods every day???

I like this class because the teacher helps me to learn English and I like everything about this class. I think the class is perfect because the teacher prepares the students how to pronounce the language and helps me a lot for my future.
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