Monday, March 28, 2016

Boy Wonder Goes to a Teacher Improvement Meeting

Oh my gosh, that Chapter Leader is such a son of a bitch. How can he sit there, so smug, in front of the principal, mind you, and criticize my decisions. I wrote that Teacher Improvement Plan, it's the very best of the two I've written, and he has the audacity to question my judgement. It's, oh, the teacher should have input into her own improvement plan. What's up with that? Like, if she knew what to do, why the hell is she here in the first place? And how is someone that old supposed to make a judgment anyway?

And now with the questions.

"How many formative observations of Ms. Feinstein did you do this year?"

What? What the hell kind of question is that? It's none of his damn business how many I did! Calm down. Just say something.

"I don't recall," I say.

"I do," he says. "You did exactly zero."

How dare he? I jump on this.

"You can't say that!" I say. "You don't know how many I did!"

He turns to the old bat Feinstein and asks, "How many times did Mr. Wonder formatively observe you?"

"Zero," she says.

That bitch! How dare she speak of me in that tone of voice! I will get the last word here.

"Well, if you had an issue with the way I handled Ms. Feinstein, you haven't come to speak to me about it in a long time."

"I don't find talking to you a productive use of my time, Mr. Wonder," he says. The bastard!

I zing him. "Well, you've made that quite clear."

Jesus, this principal is beyond useless. Why doesn't he shut this guy up? Put a letter in his file. Throw him out a window for chrissake. Here I am, doing the work of the angels, and he just sits there. Is he gonna make me actually do these formative observations? Like I have nothing better to do? One day I'll be his boss and he will pay for failing to back me up.

Now Chapter Leader is going on and on about how I pick on people, how I don't have a good relationship, and all sorts of other nonsense. Holy crap, I can't stand to hear this one moment longer.

"I think Ms. Feinstein and I have a very good working relationship. We get along very well."

"You rated her ineffective. You placed her in the worst rooms in the building. She doesn't even want to talk to you. You think that's getting along very well?"

Christ the arrogance of this guy. I've been doing this job for two years, and I taught for three years before that. I have experience, and all he has is that big mouth. Man, if he were in my department I'd let him know what's what. I'd write the damn observation before I even went into the classroom, I'd get someone who understands all that damn Danielson crap to check it for me, and wham! He'd find out what happens to people who mess with me!

Jeez how long is this meeting gonna go on? I could use one of those protein shakes. Chocolate? Maybe strawberry. Oh my gosh, they want to make changes to the TIP. Am I gonna have to type this stuff again? The principal wants me to do formative observations? What the hell difference does he think that's gonna make? Like I hadn't made up my mind about that old broad the first time I laid eyes on her.

Oh man this job sucks. I cannot wait until I am principal. Things are gonna be different for sure. I will get back at Feinstein and my whole damn disloyal department. They'll see what happens when people step out of line.
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