Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Adios a Calle Perdido

Perdido actually means lost in English, and we've lost a great blogger in Reality Based Educator. He finally got tired of blogging about absolutely everything fifteen times a day. I've been following him for years, and he really got in a groove over at Perdido Street. He used to focus more on politics and money, which didn't grab me quite as much, but over the last few years he turned his laser-like eye to education, and he was just on fire.

Every few days I look at my short list of bloggers, and see how many weeks it's been since hemos perdido a Perdido. It's a month, and I guess I'm gonna have to move that up to the big list on top, until and unless he comes back. I haven't been able to bring myself to do it. I keep thinking I'll wake up one morning and he'll have come to his senses.

RBE sent me the tip about the GOP judge Obama was thinking about, but by the time I got around to blogging it he'd already been out of the running for two days. If he sends me something else I'm gonna have to be a little more timely. The thing is, sometimes I have to think about stuff for a while before I write about it. RBE had no such limitations. He thought about things right then and there, and had them down multiple times a day. I have no idea how the hell he did that. It's all I can do to put out one thing every day.

For one thing, my job is insane. Now I'm not complaining, because I kind of thrive on that, and the job is my choice. But I'm the CL of a large school, and I teach four classes. I don't even know how I manage to get out of bed in the morning, let alone go to work and put out a blog. (That's how I rationalize blogging so much less than RBE.)

But it's a great loss. RBE read everything, everywhere, and knew everything, often before it happened. Now I have to rely on Chalkbeat NY for info every morning, and mostly all they do is tell me whether or not it's a good day for Eva Moskowitz.  It's not much of a substitute. There are other blogs I really like, but no one is quite so compulsive (and I mean that in the best way you can possibly call anyone compulsive).

Full disclosure--I've written to RBE and told him he could blog here whenever he wished. I could always use a day off. And I will tell you I know he said goodbye once before and came to his senses.

But whatever you decide, RBE, thanks for years of great blogging. I'm proud to be in your company when Mulgrew calls us filthy dirty liars, purveyors of myth, or whatever it is he says on days his mother hasn't told him to curb his filthy gutter mouth.
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