Saturday, January 23, 2016

It's Not the Snow

Sandy came and went three years ago, and took a great portion of our home with it. We stayed with relatives for about six weeks. It seemed like a really long time, but actually it was nothing, particularly if you consider how long so many other people were out of their homes. For months I saw home interiors left out on the street as they were replaced, and even now I see homes that haven't been restored.

I don't care how high the snow is, but they say water can rise up to four feet above sea level. Sandy, I hear, was ten feet above sea level. Worst case scenario, for us, appears not as bad as Sandy, in which water took our entire main floor. But our ground floor, which holds our washer/ dryer and boiler could go, and this is a pretty inconvenient time to live in a house without heat.

We've moved two family cars to higher ground and have a 4WD vehicle and a go bag. I really hope we don't have to bail out. I don't much fancy driving to a relative's house in a blinding snowstorm, if that's how things work out.

20 years ago it seemed like a very cool idea to live by the water. In fact, whole civilizations have shared that notion. This weekend it looks like one of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my life. (I can think of a few that rivaled it, but I'm not putting those on the blog) I just took our little dog out in 1.6 inches of windy snow, and he didn't care for it at all. He dragged me back into the house with all the force his 11.3 pounds could muster.

So keep a good thought for us, and I wish you all a warm and safe weekend! I hope you can stay in and explore the great indoors for every moment of these two days.
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