Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When Students Weaken the Race (to the Top)

Herbert Spencer, the acclaimed Social Darwinist, would approve.  Give students rigorous tests.  Create a wave of educational reform.  Sort out the weak from the strong--because as we all know, doing well on tests, is a key survival skill.  It is crucial in the survival of our Race (to the Top).

From a video at commoncoreworks.org

Some students will academically sink, perhaps, 70%.  Oops!  They are weak.  With parents and teachers providing life preservers, they live a lie.  They weaken the Race (to the Top).

Some will seamlessly swim on.  They are the gold medal winners.  Was it all worth it?  Why even ask?  Isn't money the meaning of life and aren't high test scores the best way to earn your big bucks?

Another image from the commoncoreworks.org video

Some who possess grit may struggle.  They may hold their heads above water and tread.  Ignore their cries.  They must pull themselves up (by their bootstraps).  Too bad it's inconvenient to wear your boots when you swim.

Let rigorous tests sort children from the earliest ages.  Let the joy of childhood be replaced by the need to compete with children in Shanghai.

Yet another image from last year's video at commoncoreworks.org

Prep children like there's no tomorrow--because, if they fail, there may be no tomorrow.  Just look at the image above.  Americans are clearly inferior.  They have one measly big buck.

Don't forget teachers are the swim instructors, so to speak.  If students cannot survive the tsunami of ed. "reform," their teachers and schools need to sink as well.  After all, teachers weaken the Race (to the Top)!  Let us remember survival of the fittest, first and foremost.  Let unnatural selection prevail, only then will we strengthen our Race (to the top).
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