Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Question Marks

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If I teach a student and that student's progress does not mirror my efforts,

1.  am I responsible if Bismarck is confused with Bolivar because someone did not care to study?

2.  am I responsible if the student's texting interferes with study?

3.  am I responsible if the student sees little value in understanding the Bantu migration?

4.  am I responsible if the student has too many tests for which to study, and mine is but one of many?

5.  am I responsible if the student has no quiet place to study?

6.  am I responsible if the student has too little food, or the wrong sort, on his table?

7.  am I responsible if the student has personal issues which interfere with his or her ability to study?

8.  am I responsible if the parent works two jobs to make ends meet and cannot check homework?

9.  am I responsible if a student lacks enough sleep to function adequately on those measures that relate to my lessons?

10.  am I responsible for a million things that could interfere with the ability of my teaching to translate into measurable student progress?

The answer is most decidedly "Yes!"--if you are an ed. "reformer."

The answer is "No!"--if you are someone who bases your life upon reason!
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