Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas Miracle

I'm in Montreal right now. We drove here yesterday, and though it rained all day it wasn't really that bad. Sometimes you can be on the NY Thruway and either side of it feels like you're driving though a wading pool. That can be pretty scary on long drives. Our only bad luck yesterday was the unspeakable traffic when we got within an hour of our destination.

Of course that's incidental to my Christmas story, which is all about drugs. You see I have this doctor who not only told me to take these drugs, but also contacted Medco via his computer, so they would arrive on my doorstep via an official employee of the United States of America. Alas, by Tuesday my drugs had not arrived. I spoke to the doctor, who sent a prescription to my local pharmacy.

Unfortunately, the pharmacist said Medco denied it. I was very sad, because there I was with no drugs, and the doctor said I should take them. So I called Medco. They wanted to know a lot of things. They wanted numbers, they wanted to send me to the right department, and I sat in the pharmacy pushing buttons until they finally finished asking all the questions. Then I got a recording, telling me my call was very important to them. You would think, then, they'd have someone answer it, but that was not the case. After a while on hold, I finally got a person, who began by asking me all of the questions I had answered for the recording.

I explained that I needed these drugs, and that I was about to leave the country. She listened politely, and said they had already mailed the drugs. I listened politely, and said while that may be the case, I had ordered them a week previous and did not have them. She said they could arrive any day. I said I was not going to be here any day, that I was here now and would be gone tomorrow. After a few such conversations, she put me on hold to speak to her supervisor, or someone. She came back and said she would check out the possibility of a "vacation exception."

I sat and waited.

The woman came back and said she had good news and bad news. The bad news was they absolutely could not cover my prescription. The good news was that I was free to take only a seven-day supply and pay for it myself. How generous of her to allow me to do that. It was very, "Welcome. Feel free to step up to the bar and buy yourself a drink."

So that's what I did. And on this Christmas I thank my magnanimous insurance company for allowing me to reach into my pocket and buy stuff myself. What other insurance company gives you such perfect freedom?

And what further improvements will the arbitrator come up with so as to achieve the insurance savings Mulgrew promised in order to clinch our most recent sub-standard contract?
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