Sunday, October 26, 2014

College and Career Readiness?: Mind the Gap!

I saw this poster on my train.  I work hard to prepare students for life.  For many, this includes college.  For most, this includes the ability to find a happy balance between personal satisfaction and paying their bills.

"Reformers" have outrageously raised the academic standards.  In their misguided way, they think they will shock students into college and career readiness or take their teachers down with them. Let us forget for a moment that 65% are failing in NY state and imagine that students could actually meet these standards.  Will they be college and career ready?  Perhaps intellectually, but probably not financially.

When students suffer from some of the same problems experienced by  inhabitants of Duncan's academic paradise of South Korea, over-education and high unemployment, what is to be done about the excessive baggage of debt?  Joblessness and college debt will march hand in hand.  Welcome, then, to the world of college and career readiness!  But don't forget to mind the gap!
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