Sunday, September 28, 2014

When the News is Too Strange to Believe...

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I'm sure you remember how Mulgrew popped up in the news last May when his private words to his caucus went public.  He had pushed for twenty-two domains of Danielson to "gum up the works" as one defensive strategy against the ed "reformers" in this ongoing war to protect our public schools and the teaching profession in general.  His words aroused the ire of Jenny Sedlis as well as some parents and provided the media with a field day or two.

So, now, I occasionally wonder if my union doesn't have more up its sleeve.  Will Mulgrew one day announce that the UFT only found the common standards of the Core user friendly in a bid to act as a double agent and steal some sweet grant money?  We've seen histrionics, fists shaking and threats wielded.  Will we learn one day that this was all for show?  Our Union only milked the Core for its millions, realizing it would crash and burn under the weight of its own unworkability and its unpopularity?  Is the Union trying to sweet talk the Core's Sugar Daddy before it all succumbs to inevitable decay?  Will the truth unfold like an Agatha Christie plot?

I know some of you are sure our Union has been bought off.  And it sure looks like that to me at times.  Laugh at my naivete, if you wish, to even imagine such a scenario.  I laugh too, that is, until I once again wake up and read more news that is too strange to believe.  
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