Sunday, September 07, 2014

Opting for the Joys of Childhood

Think for a moment of your best elementary-school memories.  Do they involve tests or prepping for tests?  Or, were they the kind of moments that are being pushed aside to make room for the Core?

Think for another moment:   How many academic failures did you experience in elementary school?  Surely, we all must have failed at some things.  But was your academic existence framed by failure?  Did 2/3 of your class ever fail the year?  If it had, what do you think parents might have said about the teacher?  And, how many calls do you think the principal might have received to keep kids out of that class?

Common Core now teaches all our children.  You can call the principal, but there's no way out of the class unless you can afford tuition at an elite institution like those to which many "reformers" choose to send their own children.  Instead of easing students into higher standards, the Common Core academically slaughters.  Students are the carnage.  The good news is you can OPT OUT of State tests.

Academic success today is purposefully put out of reach of the vast majority.  Childhood is circumscribed by Common-Core aligned failure.  What will be the long-term psychological and emotional costs?  Will anyone accept responsibility if and when more and more children grow to hate school for the suffering it has caused?

So what will be the best memories of school children today?  Will it be the day they first realized that they were being aligned to the Common Core?  Will it be the day they realized someone loved them enough to make them college and career ready, as if only the Common Core could do so?  Will it be the day and and day out that they sit and prep for tests?  What kind of world have we created for children?  And how much longer will we allow a generation of children to taste nothing but failure before we see the insanity of it all?
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