Saturday, August 09, 2014

A Craig's List Ad for Union Leadership?


You've read about NYC teachers recruited through Craig's List-- while experienced ATRs from closed schools search in vain for full-time schools.   Are you inspired by Michael Mulgrew threatening to punch faces?  You may be considering training to become a UFT Unity leader.  Finally, we are proud to offer an accelerated program to meet all your needs.

Become a NYC Union Leader - no experience required! Subsidized Membership in a Boxing Gym. (New York City)

Train for a Year
Bully for a Lifetime

compensation: $250,400+ with full benefits (amounting to more than an additional $25,000)
non-profit organization
The NYC Union Collaborative:
The NYC Union Collaborative is a new, practice-based union residency program that prepares smart, talented individuals to become highly effective union leaders in New York City. Subsequent to signing a loyalty oath, participants apprentice in a New York City union office for eight months (Jan. 2015 - August. 2015) prior to becoming a full-time union leader. During this time, participants experience hands-on training in a boxing ring, and targeted, ongoing coaching in a boxing gym of choice (no further need to waste time, pounding frozen meat) and fight back (in place of feedback) from skilled mentor pugilists and program staff.

Who Can Apply?
Participants come from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds. No previous union experience or need to democratically listen to workers' voices is necessary. Through practical preparation, Union Partners are able to positively affect the lives of the rank and file while becoming certified union leaders.
Why Us?
  • Top salary of at least $250,400 and full benefits following training experience (starting September 2015)
  • Subsidized Training in a Boxing Gym
  • $25,000 stipend during training experience
  • Practice-based training residency
  • Begins in January 2015!
The Collaborative Experience:
During the training period, participants work as "Union Partners in Residence" in under the guidance of an experienced union leader called a Collaborative Coach (CC). Union Partners also receive training from program staff on key strategies for successfully intimidating opposition via threats of fisticuffs, quelling dissent, and collaborating, when financially rewarding, with educational reformers . Meanwhile, they gradually assume increased leadership responsibilities throughout their eight month training period. Once they begin leading the union in the fall of 2015, Union Partners continue to receive coaching from program staff in the initial months of their first year that is tailored to their specific strengths and needs, including a regimen of drinking raw eggs, early morning runs and pounding of punching bags.

Participants also earn a subsidized Master of Pugilism degree by taking courses part-time while teaching, earning their degree over 2-3 years. The degree program supports participants' immediate work in union offices while laying the foundation for a career in union leadership.
Visit to begin your application today!
  • Unity and New Action "Rubberstampers" only.  No MORE, please don't contact this job poster.
  • do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers
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