Monday, June 30, 2014

If Union Is a Choice, Why Not Government?

Today the Supreme Court is expected to have a decision on whether the entire country will be subject to so-called right to work laws. Basically, a union in Illinois unionized, union officials negotiated over a 50% raise in wages, but some workers were dredged up by anti-union forces to protest the outrage of having to pay for this service. In RTW states, union dues are not mandatory and thus union is not all that strong.

It's human nature to be selfish and wonder why we ought to pay for things we can get for free. With a Supreme Court that voted to hand an election to GW Bush rather than count votes, freeloaders may have reason to rejoice later today. I hope not.

But since we have a choice, I fail to see why it ought to apply only to union. For example, I didn't vote for Barack Obama the second time he ran. Therefore, why should I be subject to the junk science his idiot education secretary blackmailed the country into? I choose to be rated S or U. I choose not to have a rubric that pretends to foster objectivity when everyone knows a supervisor with an agenda will see what he or she wants no matter what.

In fact, I didn't vote for GW Bush either. I therefore demand a refund of any and all of my tax dollars that went to support wars in Iraq I did not support. I also decline to fund a Supreme Court that will consider breaking the back of union in the United States. That's not what I voted for when I voted for Al Gore or John Kerry. It's certainly not what I had in mind when I chose Green candidate Jill Stein for President.

Furthermore, I didn't vote for Andrew Cuomo. He was the first Democrat I chose not to support, ever. It's my feeling that taxes on the rich are too low, and taxes on people who have to work are too high. I therefore demand an adjustment on my state taxes. While I actually worked for Tony Avella because he seemed to support us, he no longer appears to do any such thing, having joined the IDC. I therefore demand a refund on whatever portion of my salary that goes to support him. In fact, given the legislature has chosen to support Eva Moskowitz over Bill de Blasio, I say screw all of them and demand a refund.

Not only that, but since we can already demand refunds of portions of union dues, I'd like a checklist of absolutely everything federal and state government does. I will approve or disapprove on an itemized basis.

A union is a group that works together for the interests of all, and so is a government. If the Supreme Court determines union to be something otherwise, I fail to see why they shouldn't apply the same logic to government.

There are also a lot of laws in which I do not believe, and therefore ought not to have to follow, but that's another blog altogether.

Update: The decision is in, and it appears to affect only what the court deems "partial public employees," not full public employees like teachers and police. Perdido Street School says unions dodged a bullet for now. "No doubt Alito, who specializes in union-busting, is looking for a better case to sweep away the old precedent."
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