Thursday, May 01, 2014

UFT Contract Committee Votes Up MOA Without Even Looking at It

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For those of you expecting to go back in the fall and at least have the 4%+4% added to your pay, forget it.
The 4 % + 4% that other unions received in 2009-10 will not be added to our salary schedules until the increases kick in one year at a time starting in 2015.  Here is how the 8% will be added in:

May 1, 2015 = 2%
May 1, 2016 = 2%
May 1, 2017 = 2%
May 1, 2018 = 2%

All we get added to our salaries now if we ratify is 1% for 2013 followed by 1% for 2014 and the $1,000 bonus.

James Eterno reports that the contract committee held a vote, and that there was only one official abstention announced. James reports he abstained, and that he doesn't vote for anything until he sees it.  Go figure.

Though there was no memorandum of agreement, the committee, consisting overwhelmingly of oath-obeying Unity members, voted in favor of recommending it to the Municipal Labor Committee, and eventually to the UFT Delegate Assembly.

As you may know, the UFT Delegate Assembly will vote for a cheese sandwich, if that's what they're told. But here's the thing--you aren't walking in to work in September to get that 8% raise everyone else got five years ago. Don't expect to see even that 8% for a few years.

"We're not going to bankrupt the city," said Eterno.

I suspect the NY Post will disagree.

If two principals cite unprofessional behavior for ATRs they will be brought to an expedited 3020a in which they can be fired in one day. However, burden of proof will still be on DOE.
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