Friday, May 30, 2014

Top 10 Reasons You May Be a "Master Teacher"

Will You Be One of the Chosen Few in NYC to Get that $20,000 Bonus?  

You Might Be Able to Guess That You're a Master Teacher:

10.  when you continue to give Common-Core aligned tests even though 70% of your class hasn't a prayer to pass.

9.  when you've considered giving up your union rights just to work in a charter where starving artists are really appreciated.

8.  when, taking inspiration from the D.C. merit-pay-based, seeming test-erasure scandal, you'd be willing to give a $10,000 kickback for the $20,000 position.  

7.  when you plan all your observations in advance with your supervisor so you can plan student-centered activities in which you roll out lap tops that you will not be using on any other days of the year.

6.  when you wonder how people ever taught before there was technology, but when the technology crashes you stare into the back window of those same people. 

5.  when students doodle on their desks in Latin, quoting Ovid and Virgil.

4.  when a student's phone rings in class, but it's his friend calling to listen in on your teaching.

3.  when the kids who come late to your class sit in for the first five minutes of your next period to see what they've missed.

2.  when students remind you in the beginning of the period that you you forgot to collect their homework, assign them more and give them a surprise quiz.

1.  When the bell rings and students refuse to be moved.  They occupy your class while other students try to enter.  

And, don't forget, you can't be a Master Teacher if you're willing to share with your colleagues without raking in that hefty financial bonus!

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