Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Don't Know Anything About Medicine, but I Know What I Like

I'm watching the news crawl on CBS TV. Apparently some religious groups are going to the Supreme Court complaining their religious beliefs are offended by the notion of providing contraception care. I'm really curious why anyone with such reservations would be in such a business to begin with.

I know there are groups that reject much of western medicine altogether. You occasionally read of parents who fail to take their children to hospitals, preferring to rely on the power of prayer. And sadly, you occasionally read of children dying as a result.

Of course, that's the pessimist in me talking. The optimist says look at the business model. If it's OK for Americans to score millions with cyber-charter schools that work for absolutely no one, why shouldn't people who don't believe in western medicine get into the health care field? We'll take their premiums. When people get sick, we could pray for them. They could pray for themselves.

After all, we have an education system that's pretty much faith-based. There's no evidence rating teachers by VAM has any validity. I don't doubt plenty of teachers are praying it does. We have a Common Core set of standards that no one's ever field tested. Three out of four NY kids have failed the tests. We can pray they do better, though there are no curricula in place in many districts.

Since John King and Merryl Tisch believe in faith-based education, it behooves them to place their children and grandchildren in public schools. Naturally, they should opt for faith-based health care as well.

Me, I believe in science. I believe in evidence. For my family, I want real doctors rather than faith healers. For my children and yours, I want experienced teachers rather than TFA blow-up dolls. And for tests, I want those experienced teachers to write them, grade them, and assess my kids based on where they are rather than where John King and Merryl Tisch decide they ought to be.

I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your well-earned break!
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