Thursday, October 31, 2013

What People Say and What Reformy John Sees

John King just took a trip to Port Chester, New York. Speaker after speaker told him they were dissatisfied with Common Core, teacher evaluations, and the clueless way in which New York pushed reformy nonsense on everyone. No one stood up to tell him what a great job he was doing. However, after that, Reformy John stood up and announced that student privacy was fine and that he would make no substantive changes whatsoever.

After all, the last time people dared speak their minds, they didn't mind their tone. Reformy John told them the Montessori schools he sent his kids to subscribed to Common Core, even though they didn't, and then canceled all the other scheduled meetings. After all, these meetings were attended by "special interests," which is how Reformy John sees parents, teachers, and anyone else who dares criticize Very Important Reforms that will Make Money for his BFFs.

After not one single person spoke in his favor, Reformy John looked into his magic mirror and came to the conclusion that there was "consensus" about Common Core.

"I don't see it as a particularly divisive moment," he told The Post-Standard at the opening of WCNY's new headquarters on West Fayette Street. "I actually think what is most striking is the degree of consensus we see as a country around where we need to take education."

You see, if you are Reformy John King, you don't give a golly goshdarn what people say on your listening tour.  You listen the same way Michael Bloomberg listens at PEP meetings, where hundreds of people get up and object to your policies and you do whatever the hell you please. John King only listens to Bill Gates, DFER, Pearson, Walmart and Broad. They put their billions where their mouths are and are therefore not special interests.

It's amazing he has the audacity to ignore absolutely everyone who comes out to speak to him. How long are we going to put up with politicians who not only ignore us, but get up in front of God and everyone and lie about what they hear?

Let's send Reformy John back to his magic mirror, where he can look at himself as long as he likes. For education commissioner, let's look for someone who can actually comprehend viewpoints other than those spouted by Bill Gates.
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