Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Miley Cyrus

Today we did an activity in my class that entailed labeling various body parts. All the students had a picture and a list of words to fill in. To vary the activity a little, I drew a big Frankenstein monster on the board, along with arrows and fill-in boxes. Students protested that I only drew four toes on one foot, but I drew six on the other to compensate.

When the activity was drawing to a close, three girls got up and monopolized my monster. They dutifully labeled all the parts, including the scar, but then erased the electrodes, modified the face, declared it to be Miley Cyrus, and labeled it as thus. At this point, of course, the principal walked into the trailer.

Naturally, I introduced him to the class, and explained we were drawing Miley Cyrus. It wasn't actually my plan to be drawing Miley Cyrus. To be fair, I'm not altogether certain drawing the Frankenstein monster, which I hadn't planned either, was the best possible thing we could have been doing.

Still, I'm wondering, given all the possible things I could have been doing in a classroom, why the principal happened to walk in for the Miley Cyrus drawing activity. Would Danielson approve of drawing Miley Cyrus? Who knows the inscrutable ways of the Danielson? I suppose it must have been a change of pace from whatever else was going on.

In any case, if there happens to be any sort of Miley Cyrus drawing activity in your English class, I suggest you be fully prepared. What with APs and principals now required to do 200 observations per teacher each year, chances are good they'll see it.
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