Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Required Reading on Common Core

One of the very best pieces I've seen on Common Core is in today's Washington Post. Read it quickly because once reformy Jeff Bezos takes over things like that may disappear completely.

Principal Carol Burris wonders how it will benefit kids to give tests that will ensure massive failure. She wonders how parents will feel when their children are assigned to remediation and even special education based on these tests.

I've quoted her in the right column. Every teacher knows how principals feel about tests that cause massive failure. And when they're instituted for no educationally valid reason, it would be very hard, for me at least, to argue with the principal.

Make no mistake, this entire escapade is dreamt up by Bill Gates and his minions, taken on by the weak as water Obama administration, and foisted on the country by the blackmail known as Race to the Top. Adding this junk science to that known as VAM spells trouble for both teachers and students in the NYC area.

What will it take for parents, many of whom rely on one-sided mass media for info, to wake up? What will it take for us, 82% of whom are likely asleep, to wake up? What will it take for UFT leadership, which has supported this lemming-like march off a mountaintop every step of the way, to wake up?
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