Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elections Obsolete, Declares Reformy John King

Buffalo has not jumped when Reformy John King snapped his fingers, and that is unacceptable to Reformy John. Being King, Reformy John has decreed that the elected school boards ought to be replaced. Evidently, Reformy John is using the New York model. When Emperor Bloomberg found himself term-limited due to a referendum twice approved by voters, he went to his buddy Christine Quinn, and was thus able to buy himself a third term, right along with Ms. Quinn.

Of course, that's not the ultimate in reforminess. The best part is having a school board that does whatever the hell you say, and Emperor Bloomberg has realized that in the PEP, a fake school board that can give a Bronx cheer to the entire city, should it be so inclined. When you are a fanatical idealogue, like Emperor Bloomberg or King John, it's very important that people do what you want them to. Otherwise, they get hung up on nonsense like science, evidence, and other inconveniences that just hamper getting things done.

Therefore, King John would like to march his people into Buffalo so he can educate them any way he golly gosh darn feels like. He's tired of excuses. Who cares if the kids don't speak English? What's the dif if they have learning disabilities? It's not his fault Buffalo's part of the Rust Belt, or that half its kids live in poverty. When you're King, sometimes your subjects have to suffer. Still, that doesn't mean your BFFs can't profit.

When Buffalo is slow to institute junk science evaluations, that means it's harder to fire unionized teachers as promptly as the King would like. How can he bring in cheap and replaceable TFAs if they do that? And if they won't close their neighborhood schools how can the King do what he knows best, which is charter schools?

He's got the kids failing tests, and that's good for business. But it isn't that good if the elected school board won't bend over cooperate. So it's time for the King to take matters into his own hands.

And if the elected officials won't help him, off with their heads.
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