Monday, July 15, 2013

If It Doesn't Get Them Sued for Libel, Daily News Can Run With It

Personally, I'm bone weary of ridiculous headlines like this one, announcing to the world what's happening with "perv" teachers. While I'm certain it's important to Bloomberg's BFF/ Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman to trash mayoral hopefuls for not being Bloomberg, I question the whole name-calling thing.

First of all, it's there for no reason other than to mobilize public sentiment against working teachers. Anyone who didn't know better might believe this nonsense.

Second, it's pretty clear the Daily News has allowed itself to become the ever-willing tool of legal expert Campbell Brown. It's getting to the point that the Daily News might wish to take note that legal expert Campbell Brown is married to some Students First bigshot. After all, if you're going to press a story like this one over a period of years, you might as well do a little rudimentary research.

Finally, and here's the major issue, the charges are simply untrue. Legal expert Brown contends that most teachers charged are still working. That's a fact because they were not convicted. I realize that legal expert Brown and the Daily News cannot distinguish between charges and actual guilt, but it's kind of irresponsible they mislead their readers like this. For example, not a single person relying on the Daily News for information will realize that legal expert Campbell Brown wants Walcott to fire teachers who were not convicted.

Isn't it libel to write lies about people? I don't know what the legal burden is to establish it, but I suppose the News has lawyers on staff to advice them of what lines to cross. I'm sure they manage to draw lines that keep them out of court.

Because that's important.

The truth, on the other hand, appears to be of no consequence whatsoever.
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