Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cruisin' the Net--Two Weeks in Review

 Leonie Haimson and friends just held a press conference to keep data on students and teachers private. Next year, when we're being judged by junk science VAM, you won't want the New York Post getting hold of bad data. They've already used it to call a working teacher the worst in NYC.

Windows 8 isn't working any better than Bill Gates' education programs.

Looks like Eva Moskowitz schools are not the panacea she says they are after all.

South Dakota teachers will now be able to bring their guns into their classrooms.

Do you ever wonder how closely admin looks at those papers reporting how many parents you interviewed?

Those allegedly altruistic billionaires are actually raking in plenty with their education programs.

Use this amazing internet tool to generate your own Tom Friedman column.

How many "reformers" does it take to really fix a school?Perhaps we need more neighborhood schools, and less Michelle Rhee.

Mayor4Life booed all over Rockaway St. Patty's parade--candidate Christine Quinn, who helped him negate the term limits bill twice affirmed by city voters, responds by walking further away from him.

Bill Gates wants a national database of test scores. Privacy issues abound. Will your kid's scores show up on the internet? Will there be a blacklist against teachers with poor junk science scores?

Mayor Bloomberg, in a show of incredible ignorance, again endorsed huge class sizes for the kids we serve. Bloomberg sent his own kid to a private school with classes of 15 or under.

One year costs for implementing the junk science evaluation system will exceed the four-year Race to the Top grants NY State took to implement it.

Finally, in these times of sequester, I think we must all be willing to sacrifice.  To do my fair share, I'm willing to give up value-added teacher ratings, Common Core curriculum,Emperor Mike Bloomberg, and high-stakes testing. What are you willing to do without?
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